Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page is the Privacy Policy page that describes how your personal information is collected, used and shared when you visit /

Personal Information Collect

When you visit Jack Deyes we automatically collect certain information such as your name, email, time zone and what part of the world you are from.

When you visit and browse Jack Deyes we collect information about the blog, blog posts, blog pages and the blog tabs that you view. We also collect what keywords you put into Jack Deyes blogs search and how you interact with the blog.


The cookies are mini data files that are on your device, smartphones, smart devices, and computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier.


How does Jack Deyes / Jack Deyes – Lifestyle Use Your Information

Jack Deyes uses your information such as your name, time zone and the date we use this information to see who’s posted a comment on a blog post so we know what user has commuted what and when. We also do the same for when people decide to follow Jack Deyes by email or using their WordPress account.

We Do Not Hand Over Information

At Jack Deyes, we believe your name, email, time zone and what part of the world you’re from stays private. / does not give your information to anyone it stays hidden and we will only hand the information over to you ones you have proven the information belongs to you and we are 100% happy it’s definitely you asking for this information.

Your Rights

If you are an (EU) ‘European Resident” then you have the right to access the personal information we hold about you and to ask that your personal information is corrected, updated, or deleted.

To do this you will need to email Jack Deyes by clicking on (Contact Me) at the top on the menu


The AD’s you see on / are click AD’s we do not know when you clicked on an AD or anything when you click on an AD. The only information Jack Deyes / Jack Deyes – Lifestyle knows about is the AD its self such as what is the AD about, what page and site the click AD take people to, how it works and who the AD’s are run by.

The AD’s are run by Amazon the AD’s are put on and updated by the owner of the blog

How Do The AD’s Work

The “Click AD’s” work by clicking on the photos every time someone clicks on the AD’s Jack Deyes / Jack Deyes – Lifestyle get paid for that click


Jack Deyes “”  is no longer paired with down to this Jack Deyes privacy policy will be changed from time to time. When the Privacy Policy gets changed around the blog owner will mention it on the following social media pages

Twitter and Facebook


For any more information about Jack Deyes Privacy Policy or any questions you may have please contact Jack Deyes by click on the (Contact Me) page found at the top of the menu



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