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Welcome to my little book club on my blog or whatever you may like to call this page. As some of you know on my blog I now do book reviewers every couple of months. I thought now that I’m doing book reviews on my blog I would make a page on my blog based on all the books I have read and revied and add them to this page in case anyone is intreated on the book and maybe want to find out a little more and buy the book. This page will have a photo of the book and a little bit of text about the book and link to my blog post based on the book review related to that book. You have any books you’d like to recommend them please fill out the form below and will be sure to check it out and maybe add it to my list of books to read and review. Happy Reading



Photography by Sussex food and lifestyle photographer Emma Croman




An Edited life is a fantastic book and I’d recommend the book to anyone who is looking to plan their life and get on top of your life at home and work…Read More




The Next Book Review Is Coming Soon


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