About Me

About Me

I’m Jack a UK lifestyle blogger from Southampton I started blogging 5 years ago and my passion for blogging has grown ever since. I have such a lovely family who all mean so much to me and a very cute rabbit called Kiara who I absolutely adore.

  I’m also obsessed with Apple and yes it’s safe to say 98% of things I own are Apple related I’m also into technology and all the new smart things like the Amazon Alexa assistant.

I also make it my mission to help and support other bloggers anyway I can because I believe when you become a blogger you’re not just someone who has a blog or someone who’s called a blogger you are also someone who’s apart of blogging community helping and supporting one another no matter what yours or their blog may be based.

(Southampton Bloggers Are The Owners Of This Photo – Taken by Alice)

I also love attending blogging events because I am able to get to meet other bloggers and get to know them face to face not just over a screen, social media and other blogs

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