11 Things I’m Grateful For and Why

As we’re still in this pandemic I thought I’d do a blog post about 11 I’m grateful for and why.

1) My family

My family have been by my side in the good time and the bad their support towards me is amazing and I’m so incredibly lucky to have them in my life.


2) My girlfriend

My girlfriend isn’t mentioned that often on my blog and that’s because we like to keep our relationship private. My girlfriend means the world to me I’m so incredibly lucky to have her in my life and by my side every single day. She’s always there for me and she makes me the happiest.


3) Kiara the rabbit

Kiara was a gift from my mum and dad Kiara is such a cute little rabbit and she’s adorable. Kiara is 2 years old and she has the best life possible. She’s got so many toys and one very warm hutch.

4) My jobs

I don’t only have 1 job I have 2 but one of them I’m not allowed to put on my blog. The other job is as an Administrator and Social Media Manager for a charity called Lordshill Youth Project. I’ve been with Lordshill Youth Project for 2 years now and I love it and I have one amazing team.


5) My blog

I know this one maybe a little bit of an odd one to add to the list but I’ve started my blog 7 years ago and I’ve loved blogging and I still do to this day. It’s the one hobby I’m never going to get fed up with and the one thing I can see myself doing for a long time.

6) Photos

Nowadays everyone has a camera on their phones which can catch some amazing memories that people can look back on in months and years to come. I sometimes look at some of the photos on my phone and it all brings back the things that happened on that day.

This photo below is when I and my family went off to Womad for a week and it was amazing I loved it

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7) To the people who said “I can’t do it”

Now, this is also a bit of a strange one to add but I’ve added this one because one thing I love it when people say to me “you can’t do it” because when people say that to me I put in extra work and effort and make sure I do it. No matter what you can always do something all you need to do is put your mind to it and focused on the goal. Ignore what others say to you because you can do it!

8) Music

I love music I’m always playing it from when I’m walking to work to when I’m walking to the shop. I’m always playing it. I love music because not only is it great to listen to but you can also express your feeling with music. You can also find an amazing artist from all over the world.

9) To the people who have walked out of my life

When people decided to walk out of my life I don’t really get that upset about it anymore because the way I look at is “true friends will stay apart of your life no matter what” wear fake friends will be with you one minute and leave you the next. I always look at it like I’m turning a new page and welcoming all the new friends I’ll make along the way.


11) College

College wasn’t easy for me and it was extremely stressful but I did and passed everything. I went to an animal college and studied animal care, animal welfare and animal management