I’ve Now Been Blogging For 7 Years

Every time my blog hits a year older I always make a blog post out of it and I don’t honestly know why it’s just become a thing I do.

7 years ago when I started my Jack Deyes I never thought I’d been blogging for this long and I only started my blog when I was at school because one of our lessons was to learn about coding and what you use a website for.

When I left school I asked them if they still had my account I made and the website and well thankful they still did. I then asked them if I could have it because I’d love to change the site into a blog and well here it is 7 years later.

When I made Jack Deyes I do all kinds of things from thinking of new posts, blog topic, URL and so on and well it all paid off in the end. When I got my first real job I then decided to change my blog URL to jackdeyes.com and remove the WordPress bit and well I know this may sound silly but I was so happy when it all switched over to jackdeyes.com because I had been waiting such a long time do it.

When I started my blog I had no clue what I was doing or anything but thankful some amazing bloggers who I still talk to today helped and they were amazing and still are. After there help and them all giving me a list of ideas of what I could blog about I decided to blog about lifestyle.

Even though my blog was based on the lifestyle it didn’t just stay to lifestyle for long. I now blog about all kind of different things from my days out, trips, my life, blogging, food, the places I’ve been, book reviews and so on.

I was looking at all my blog posts and thought I’d pick out some of the ones I love the most and that are

Walk For Autism 2020 My First Ever Bloggers Event | Southampton Bloggers Out and About in Southampton

I’ve also just found out that this blog post is my 197th blog post and soon I’d hit 200 blog posts what is crazy and I’m a little shocked it’s hit that number. Blogging for me has been my little place on the web the place where I can blog about whatever I like it’s also the place where I can connect with other bloggers and share my blog posts and blog with other people. Blogging has also given me the opportunity to attend blogging events and meet up with other amazing bloggers and some of them I still see in Southampton.

I hope you all enjoyed this random blog post and before I finish this blog post off I’d just like to thank all of you. The ones who have been supporting my blog from day one, the ones who read my posts. Thank you for everything.