My Plans For When All This Is All Over

For me, the lockdown hasn’t been all that bad because I work in an essential retail shop so some I’m still having some kind of normal is still happening but apart from that, I don’t really have much else todo part from going home.

This Photo Was Taken Before COVID-19

When I was making this blog post I was thinking about all the different things I’d like to do and well this is the list so far.

  • Go out for a date with my girlfriend and spend the day with her
  • Go into West Quay and have a look at all the shops including Apple
  • Pop into Costa or #Coffee 1 and just sit in there with a nice cup of coffee, my MacBook and just get on with a blog post
  • Go out and take some blog post and Instagram photos “I have been taking photos of the outdoors while we’ve been in lockdown but that’s when I’m walking to and from work so to a degree I’ve not really been able to take any”
  • Have a day out with my brother and sister
  • Being able to do a food shop and not having to worry about having to put a facemask on
  • And going back to normal and putting this COVID-19 pandemic behind us and just move on

Photos Taken Before COVID-19


I know this list may not be that long but I’m sure I’ll think of many more in the next few days and weeks ahead. I’d love to know what your planning on doing ones this is all over.

I’d also like to mention Becca. I got this blog post off her blog after her amazing blog post called “15 Lockdown Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers”. I recommend you check it and show her blog some love.