What I Got My Girlfriend for Valentines Day

Down to you all enjoying the blogs like My X-Mas 2020, My 23rd Birthday, What I’d Like For My 23rd Birthday and What I Got My Dad For Father’s Day I thought you might like this one too.

I got my girlfriend a The Fuzzy Duck 2 bottle set inside is one Fuzzy Duck “Wild Flower Meadow” and one “Woodland Bluebell”



I also got my girlfriend this candle that says “Burn Baby Burn” it also came with this eye mask

I’m not able to find this on Sainsbury’s website or find the price for it but I believe it was around £10 to £15

My girlfriend loves candles so this Yankee Candle Gift Set Melt Warmer was perfect



My girlfriend is kinda obsessed with Harry Potter and I just had to get her this Harry Potter Build a Bear I think it looks amazing.


Please note the price on the jackdeyes.com will not be the same as whats on Bild A Bear’s website due to you being able to select diffrent parts for the bear


I hope you all enjoyed this blog and I hope everyone is safe while we continue to deal with the pandemic remember to stay home, save lives and save the NHS