My 2020 & X-Mas

Now I know I’m a little late to do this post but hopefully, you still enjoy this post…

I hope everyone had a safe and lovely Christmas I know for many of us Christmas in 2020 was very different but hopefully, 2021 will be a new year filled with hope.

My 2020

2020 was a hard year for everyone and the NHS working hard trying to save as many people as possible from COVID-19. We also had our Key-Workers working so hard to ensure that they could still help everyone possible from getting people to work to keep their shops open ensuring that everyone can get everything they need.

For me, 2020 was a crazy as I was apart of the Key-Works and having to do so many extra hours to ensure that the team who I work with was able to remain open and make sure everyone could get food and other items they needed.

Longside all that I also found my special someone who I adore and well my family adore her.

What I Got For X-Mas

My girlfriend got me a 2021 planner what has come very handily and it’s filled with so much stuff to ensure you remain organised in 2021

Someone who I work with knows me too well now and well in case you can’t tell from the picture on the left I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes.


The other month Nadiya had a TV show on ITV and it was all based on the amazing things she makes and they all looked amazing. Now I want to start making baking blog posts so my partner got me Nadiya Bakes book and the recipes inside look amazing I can’t wait to get baking

My partner also got me some random PJ’s and socks that I love also the fluffy socks are amazing


My mum and dad got me Police aftershave and it smells lovely defiantly one of my favourites

My Christmas Day

Me and my family had our Christmas on boxing day due to some of us working on Christmas day but we still had a lovely day. Spending Christmas Day with them made my 2020 amazing.