Are You Planning On Becoming a Blogger

In this blog post, I will be adding a few things such as…

  • Why I love being a blogger

  • What Social Media Platforms bloggers use the most

  • What hosting sites bloggers use

  • Domain & blog name

  • It’s a waiting game

  • What are the best devices to use for blogging

  • Do I need a camera

  • When is the best time for me to blog

  • Post block & note pads

  • Google

  • Logo/Header

  • Do I need a desk

  • AD’s/Spomserd posts

  • Stock photos

  • Hashtags

  • Do I need a Privacy Policy

  • What topics you can blog about and more

Why I love being a blogger…

I first became and blogger back in 2015 and well I’ve loved every second of it and I still do from this day and I never thought I’d be a blogger for this long I didn’t even plan on blogging for this long.

Becoming a blogger is been one of the best things I’ve done by far and it’s so fun plus you get to meet so many other amazing bloggers and the community is so supportive we always help and support one another.

I love how we get to have our own little place on the web where we can share whatever we want when even we want plus with blogging you can make your blog look just the way you want to.

Like every year in the blogging community sadly some bloggers stop blogging and move onto something new like doing YouTube or they just stop altogether but we also get some new amazing bloggers as well.

What Social Media Platforms Bloggers use The Most 

Social Media is the best way to reach people and for your blog to get discovered also social media is the one tool you will use the most and you should treat social media as your number tool in blogging.

Social Media is also the place you will go to update your blog reads/followers about new things such as a new blog post, blog updates and much more.

I use social media a lot and I love it and out of all the social media platforms that are out there I use Twitter and Instagram the most also out of all the platforms the one bloggers use the most is Twitter.

What Hosting Sites Bloggers Use

Now you may be wondering what are “hosting sites” and well they are basically the things that your blog runs on so for it’s run on WordPress but you don’t have to only use WordPress there are many more like

  • Wix
  • Square Space
  • Go, Daddy
  • Tumbler 

Before you jump to the first one that comes to your head I’d recommend you check them out and make sure the one you go for is 100% the best one for you.


Blog Domain & Names

A domain is a web address like mine “” and it’s basically the address to your blog and well this – into to the name of your blog for an example my blog is called “Jack Deyes” and you’d noticed that my blog new and domination are the same and easy to remember.


This isn’t me telling you how to have your blog name or domain because that is 100% up to you and what you name your blog is up to you. The only advice I’d give you is to pick a new that is easy to remember and easy to spell not just for your readers/followers but also for you.

It’s A Waiting Game

Don’t expect to get 100 and 1,000 of followers within a click of your fingers it’s going to take time and trust me the hard work and time will be 100% worth it and it will all pay off in the end.


When you feel like giving up don’t because every day is one step closer.

What Are The Best Devices To Use For Blogging

You can use all kind of devices and well it’s whatever works best for you but for me, I’d always recommend a laptop but it’s whatever works for you.

I started to run and make my blog posts from an old Samsung S4 and well that wasn’t the easiest thing to be running it off of. I then got an iPad Mini then had an iPad Pro and now I run my blog from my Apple MacBook.

You Could Use
  • Tablet/iPad
  • PC
  • Laptop

Do I Need A Camera 

The short answer is no you don’t really need to spend loads of £££ or $$$ on a camera and the reason to why I say that is becuse you have your smartphone what most probably already has an amazing camera on it so if I was you use your phone and save a few £££/$$$. 

When Is The Best Time For Me To Blog

The best time for you to blog is up to you becuse only you know the answer to that one for me I always get a blog post ready when I can and try to post it on the weekend.

Some bloggers like me will have a set day and a set time so for me, it’s Saturday and 5 PM U.K time and then for some bloggers they will blog and put a blog post up whenever they can and whenever it works best for them.

Post Block & Note Pads

Post block is when you can’t think of what to post and you are sat down thinking and thinking of what to post that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a pen and note pad in the room and maybe use your phone so when you have run out of what to post you can always go to your note and find something to post hopefully.


Most blogs are on Google and well some just get automatically put on google but sometimes it can take, days, weeks, months or even years.

One thing you can do to speed things up is by going to – and fingers crossed Google will approve it.


Logo/Blog Header

Most blogs have a logo/blog header and they all look amazing I have one for my blog that looks like this

I love it when bloggers add a logo/ header to their blog because I think it gives it that look and makes the blog stand out.

I got my blog logo/header done by –

Do I Need A Desk

You don’t need a desk but most bloggers do have a desk I do becuse I do all my blogging stuff in my bedroom and I feel like I can work better on my bog when I’m in my bedroom with my door shut and playing some music.

Getting a desk is 100% up to you.

AD’s/Sponsred Posts

Now and then you will have a brand, company or PR place asking you to make a blog post for them this will be classed as an AD/SPONSORED POST and when making the post you need to make it very clear that it’s an AD/SPONSORED POST and the same when you post it on social media.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are not really the best thing to use when it comes to making a blog post you are best off using and taking your own photos after all blogs should be filled with the amazing work that you put in.

This isn’t me telling you not to use stock photos. by all means, use them if you want but I highly recommend you don’t use them.

Photo by Lukas from Pexels


When it comes to posting your latest blog post on social media it’s always key to use hashtags ( # ) and I recommend you use hashtags that are related to your blog post that way if anyone followers a hastag or looks up a hashtag that is on your social media post they may see it.

Do I Need a Privacy Policy

The short answer to this is YES and the reason to why is because by law you must have a Privacy Policy and the reason to why is so people understand how you use their dater.

You also need to put the Privacy Policy page/tab on a place on your blog that people can find easy so for me it’s normally at the top with the menu but at the moment its on the left sidebar at the top.

Whenever you are planning or are going to be updating your privacy policy you must always inform your followers the way I do this is by putting a post up on social media and putting a note at the bottom of my blog.

This is the same for when you published the updated Privacy Policy.

Topics You Can Blog About

Now I just want to make it clear to you that you can blog about whatever you want by all means feel free to take a topic from this lost but please don’t feel like you have.

  • Lifestyle
  • Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Baking
  • Travel
  • Politics
  • Days out
  • Books
  • Reviews
  • Climate change
  • Citys
  • Music
  • Blogging
  • Business
  • Tec
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Social media
  • Law
  • Pets
  • Animals
  • Life
  • Yourself
and much more