My 23rd Birthday

This year my birthday was very different for two things 1. we were still in a pandemic and in some kind of lockdown and 2. I spent the day with my partner and I had one of the best birthdays I had such a lovely day.

What Gifts Did I Get…

Now before we get talking about gifts and everything else I just want to say that I loved all the gifts I received and to all my family and friends thank you.


Out of all the gifts I got given on my birthday this one was by far my favourite because not only is it penalized but it’s from my partner and gifts like this I love and will keep forever.

Dressing Gown

I did have a nice dressing gown but I ended up using it for Kiara and well it got all ripped up and so forth safe to say Kiara made it her own. I’ve now got a better dressing gown and it’s way better than the old one. I’ve also got some lovely PJ’s and fully socks to go with them. Sorry for the horrible photos of me haha.


Now when it comes to getting me jeans, tops and stuff like that I can be really fussy and picky about what I get and what I have. My partner got me a pair of lovely jeans and they are really comfy.


Dairy Box Chocolate

My partners mum and her friend got a lovely box of chocolate and well I defiantly want more


Thumper The Rabbit

My partner and her mum have this garden rabbit and its eyes light up at night and well I’ve always wanted one and they git me one I love it

Chocolate Reeses Snowman

The Reeses Snowman was yummy, yummy, yummy

Mini Costa Hot Chocolate

The mini Costa was so cute and also very yummy

Thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday messages and I hope you all had wonderful Halloween