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I first came across Stakks Pancake house back in May of 2019 as a PR visit with Southampton Bloggers and well from there I came obsessed with their pancakes and before anyone says “Jack what is your favourite one” well I don’t have a favourite one…sorry

About Stakks

At Stakks every day is pancake day no matter what so we can all scrap the pancake day thing that’s for sure

STAKKS is the brain child of the Copper family, who’s main priority was to open a Pancake House that offered only freshly prepared, ‘made from scratch’ dishes, which were affordable and catered to all taste, dietry or allergy requirements. Delivered to you straight from the pan!

Photo belongs to Stakks

The pancakes at Stakks are all hand made and you can even see them make them while you’re sat at your table waiting for yours. Stakks have so many to chose from yummy chocolate ones to yummy savoury one plus they do vegan pancakes as well how amazing is that.

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The other thing that I love about Stakks is how lovely and kind all the staff are they always put the customer first and no matter what and always make sure the customer is happy.

You can also get your Stakks delivered to your door with Deliveroo and JustEat

Stakks has also re-opened what is amazing news as they continue to make so many yummy pancakes in the lovely city of Southampton.

You have already been to Stakks or end up going because of this blog post please let me know what you think I’d love to know.

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