About The Bloggers Blog

As some of you may already know every year I do 3 parts of “The Bloggers Blog” what you all seem to love and enjoy reading.


When I first did The Bloggers Blog it was way easier then it is today and the reason to why is because finding bloggers wasn’t that hard because it was all new and everything but now it’s well not as easy but still loads of fun to make.


Why Did I Make “The Bloggers Blog”

I made The Bloggers Blog because it gives people like you reading this post a chance to find even more amazing bloggers who you may not have come across. It also gives the other bloggers a chance to grow and build their readers. The Bloggers Blog can also help new bloggers get notice and not make them feel like they are alone in this big blogging community

How Can I Become Part Of The Bloggers Blog

All you need to do is contact me about why you’d like to be on The Bloggers Blog, what you’re blog is about, how long you’ve been blogging for, the name of your blog and a photo of yourself. I will also leave a contact form at the bottom of this blog post in case anyone wants to be apart of it.