Jack Deyes Blog | Update 2020

Over the last few weeks and mothers, I’ve been planning a new look and layout for my blog and well after months and weeks of planning I then started working on my blog and making the changes.


You may have noticed that the sidebar is a little bit tidier and less all over the place the reason to why is because I felt like with the sidebar it was very easy to put anything on there and well I want my sidebar to be filled with things that you’d find interesting and things that should be on sidebar of a blog.


At the bottom of my blog, I use to have loads of little things on there like my Instagram feed and stuff but well that’s all gone all you will see now is a few blog posts, the name of my blog theme and copyright info.


The menu was also filled with random stuff that was put on their and well who really looks at a blog menu when they go onto a blog? I have changed my menu around and only added the important things to it like the Blog Info and etc.


Instead of the blog post being set as a list on my blog they are now set as a square layout and to me, it looks better.


Of course, there are a few things that have stayed the same such as the blog name, blog URL and the blog logo that was made by Beevine Art. That is the same with the blog posts and what time they go up they will continue to go up on Saturday at 5:00 PM and yes I know that over the last few weeks the blog posts have a been little off but they are 100 and 10 present back on track


Apart from the things I mention that have stayed the same but the Jack Deyes Privacy Policy has been updated so if you’re not yet up to date with it please make sure you read it so you are fully up to date.