No.1 The Bloggers, Blog – 2020

As most of you may already know I do 3 blog posts called “The Bloggers, Blog” and as you guessed it based on a load of different amazing bloggers and their blogs.

Every year and every blog post I do that is based on different bloggers gets harder and header because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there so only being able to pick 3 – 6 bloggers gets very difficult


The Bloggers, Blog




I’m Alice and I write on my little bubble on the internet called Alice’s Anxieties. I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety in 2014, but I think it’s been in my head for quite a bit longer than that, and I’ve also struggled with eating disorders since I was 13. I started my blog when I was at uni as something to do ‘when I could be bothered’ but since getting some really lovely messages from people about how it’s helped them accept their own illness, it’s become a place where I hope to reduce the stigma around mental health. I also occasionally write about topics other than mental health that are going on as anyone who knows me will know I have an opinion on everything.

Jack’s Thoughts About Alice and Alice’s Blog

Alice is an inedible blogger and she’s such kind person I’ve not followed Alice’s blog for that long but I’m loving all her blog posts and I’m sure you will do too. Alice’s blog is amazing and she puts so much hard into her blog and ones you read one blog post you won’t be able to stop.

Blog & Social Media







I’m Amy Lee I am in my 20s and love animals and being creative. I have been blogging since 2015 and love having my own little blog to be creative and I enjoy being apart of the blogging community. I also enjoy doing Zumba classes


Jack’s Thoughts About Amy and Amy’s Blog

Me and Amy have known each other for a while so when we meet up we both continually talk about blogging and work on blog stuff. Amy started her blog a year after me and I’ve loved seeing how much her blog has grown and how much hard work she puts into it.

Blog & Social Media







I am Chloe a lifestyle and a bit of everything blogger from a small town in Gloucestershire. I have been blogging for just over 3 years now and blog about anything lifestyle, outdoors, photography and general things that I like or thing that happen in my life. I originally started blogging as a place to write down my thoughts when I was having a rough time at university, but it has turned into so much more than that now when I started I never expected anyone to actually read any of it!

Jack’s Thoughts About Chloe and Chloe’s Blog

Chloe is amazing and such wonderful member of the blogging community and so is her blog. I have been following Chloe’s blog for such a long time and her posts are incredible.

Blog & Social Media








I have been blogging now for three years about all things being in your twenties. My main posts include movie and gig reviews but some of my most popular posts have been about surviving this weird age.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the blogging community, meeting new people and hearing new stories, as well as using my blog to look back on everything that has happened in life. I am currently working towards my goal of 1000 followers and would love to find new blogs in return.

Jack’s Thoughts About Sophie and Sophie’s Blog

I’ve been following Sophie and her blog for such a long time like many other bloggers she is amazing and you will love her blog.

Blog & Social Media






My name is Lucy and I am from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I run 3 blogs alongside my full-time job but currently, my main focus is on my fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog The Northern Girl. If I aren’t working or blogging then you will usually catch me at a football match or shopping whilst resisting to buy more trainers as I am a bit of a sneaker head. My style isn’t your usual girls style as 90% of my clothing comes from the menswear section as I am still a bit of a tomboy but I believe that is way makes my blog different to others.

Jack’s Thoughts About Lucy and Lucy’s Blog

I’ve been following Lucy and her blog for a few months and I’m loving Lucy’s blog post’s. Luch is such a lovely person and a very supportive member of the blogging community.

Blog & Social Media







Hi, my name is Zoie! I’m a 24-year-old living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated from college in 2018 with degrees in multimedia journalism and public relations, and I’m working as a Digital Media Specialist at my current job.

If I’m not behind a computer screen, I can probably be found somewhere taking photos, at a concert, or playing Pokémon games. I also love to read.

I launched my blog in 2017, but I’ve been blogging off and on. I write lifestyle blog posts about my favourite things, my travels and experiences and personal goals. This is the year I take my blog more seriously and start blogging consistently!


Jack’s Thoughts About Zoie and Zoie’s Blog

I’ve been following Zoie and her blog for a while and I love all her blog posts. Zoie is an incredible blogger and such a kind member of the vlogging community.

Blog & Social Media





Out of all the blog posts, I do every year the ones that have other bloggers in are my favourite ones because not only does it help and support them but it also gives you even more amazing blogs to read.

Please make sure you check out all the bloggers in this list and show their blogs some love.

I’d also like to thank all the amazing bloggers who kindly gave me permission to add them into this blog post because without them this blog post wouldn’t have been possible.



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