Movie Re-View No.1 (2020)

Over the last few weeks and months, I have been watching a few movies on my Amazon Fire TV Stick and I also thought I’d do another blog post based on movie re-views in case anyone is interested or wants to check them out.


Seed of Chucky

Seed of Chucky is based on Chucky and how he and his wife met their son whos been spending years looking for them.

The only thing is their son doesn’t realise how horrible they can be to humans and anyone who may cross them or upset them in away.

Their son also didn’t realise that they also kill people. After their son found Chucky and his mum he started to slowly but source turn out like them down to this Chucky and the mum try their hardest to not do anything bad but as you guess that didn’t last for long when it came to Chucky…


I liked the first one better as I thought that was scarier, unlike this one what more messing around.

Photo is owned by Seed of Chucky


I’ve never watched Paddington and when I found on Prime Video I just had to watch it and well after watching I can see why everyone love the little bear and his obsession with marmalade.

Now I’m not sure if I watched Passington 1 or 2 but in the that I watched Paddington’s mum and dads wear talking bout this visit they once had from a person who came from London telling him all the fun thongs they all did together and finding out how to make marmalade.

After Paddington’s mum and dad telling him the little story Paddington and his family had to run in an underground bunker because they had this big store on its way but sadly ones the storm was finished they didn’t have much left so Paddington and one of his family members went to London but there was one thing Paddington didn’t realise about London…


Before I watched Paddington I didn’t really understand why everyone loved him so much but after watching this I can now see why. I love how obsessed he is with marmalade and how he continuously helping people and trying to fit in even if it doesn’t always go to plan.

Photo is owned by Paddington

New Amsterdam – Season 2

Anyone who’s currently watching New Amsterdam – Season 1 then I recommend you click here before you go reading about Naw Amsterdam Season – 1.

At the end of New Amsterdam – Season 1 there was a big crash between 2 ambulances that had Dr Max’s Goodwin wife and the new baby girl inside.

After waiting for such a long time for New Amsterdam – Season 2 to be released we sadly found out who survived the crash and who didn’t and well sadly Dr Max’s Goodwin’s wife didn’t make it.

With that Dr Max Goodwin didn’t only have to be the head of the hospital, keep it running and making sure his staff wear okay but he also had to look after his little baby girl Luna.


I’ve loved watching New Amsterdam – Season 2 and getting to know Dr Max’s Goodwin and his team better and seeing Max become a dad. The only thing I didn’t like was how short Season 2 was…

Photo is owned New Amsterdam


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