Apple TV Review

When I found out about Apple doing 1 year free of Apple TV when you buy a new iPhone, Apple Watch or something like that from Apple I was kinda amazed. Ones people started to watch stuff on Apple TV they said it was amazing and so forth what is.

What I Do Like About Apple TV

What I like about Apple TV is that they have teamed up with some amazing people to make such great moves and to make Apple TV even better then it ones was.


I also like it how Amazon also allows Apple TV to be on their Fire TV sticks so you don’t have to go out and get a new box and so forth you can just use your stick it’s great.


I like it how you can download moves so when you’re out and about or don’t have any wifi connection you can still continue watching that movie you been waiting to finish off.


I love how Apple has now given Apple TV free to everyone who gets new devices from one of their stores.

Photo taken by Jack Deyes (Apple, Apple TV, Apple TV +)

What I Don’t Like About Apple TV

After I watched The Morning Show and 2 others I didn’t find any other movies because it kept saying “You have to pay — to watch this move what to me seemed a little bit confusing.


After working out how to use the Apple TV app I didn’t really see anything that I was interested in and went back to my Amazon Prime account. I thought Apple TV would have been a little better than this after all in the Key Note Tim Cook (Apple CEO)  and everyone who was talking about Apple TV and made it this big thing.


I also asked a few of my friends plus read some reviews based on it and they all basically said the same thing and similar things to what I’m saying in this review.


Photo taken by Jack Deyes (Apple, Apple TV, Apple TV Plus, The Morning Show)





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