The 4 X-Mas Gift’s sFor Everyone

When it comes to getting people gifts it can some times seem like a really hard thing to do because most of the time you have no clue what to get them unless they have told you what they want.

1. Amazon Alexa

I’ve added this to another gift post before and the reason to why I’m adding it again is because I think the Amazon Alexa’s are amazing. I love using mine and being able to control my lights and plus by just using my voice is so helpful. You have someone in your life who loves tec stuff, busy at home or anything then I highly recommend this as that perfect Chrismas gift.



2. While Charger 

When I got my iPhone XS I also got a while charger for it 2-3 weeks later and I didn’t think they wear gonna be that good at first but I was wrong they are amazing. Instead of you having to find that USB lead and so on you just plug it in connect the USB lead to the charger and put your phone in the top and ping its charging. I also got someone at work one they love it.


3. Books

I know to some people a book seems like a gift but if you have someone in your life who loves to read and you know what books they are into or you know what book they would love then getting them a book would be the perfect gift.  I get my books from Amazon and there are some really good ones

4. Gift Set

Last year my sister got me the Jack Wills X-Mas gift set what I loved it had loads of shampoo, body wash and a few sprays in. You know someone who loves bath and body cleaning stuff then getting them a gift set like this is perfect.


Shop The Gift 


Jack Wills 

Amazon Alexa


Wireless Charging by Mophie


An Edited Life by Anna Newton


Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen


Becoming The Super Vet by Professor Nole Fitzpatrick