X-Mas On Jack Deyes

Every year on Jack Deyes I plan what my blog will look from the December 1st all the way to the 1st January. The X-Mas blog banner has been made as you can all tell but that’s not everything and as you may be able to tell I still have a lot of things to add. When WordPress make it available I hoping to get fulling snow on my blog reson to why the background colour has been changed. Normal I’d do 2 X-Mas blog posts but this year I’m doing a X-Mas blog every weekend this month.


What Do I Love About Chrismas


The one thing that I love the most about Chrismas is that I get to spend it with my wonderful family seeing them all so happy and being able to spend time with them is the Chrismas gift of all and Chrismas wouldn’t be the same without them.



I love it when all the shops get their Christmas stuff out and get their shop ready for Chrismas and play there so call Chrismas music.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Out and About

I also love it when the street and houses get filled with Chrismas lights it always looks amazing



I love the Chrismas AD like the one that Sansbrys did with that little kid dressed up as plug and the Coca Cola truck AD. Some TV AD’s are just random and some are just amazing. Have you seen any X-Mas AD’s yet?


Chrismas Tree’s

I know some people have fake Chrismas trees but out of real and fake ones I prefer real Chrismas trees. The smell of the Chrismas tree’s makes your home smell amazing. The other thing that I love about Chrismas trees is decorating it up all and seeing the flashing lights.


The Chrismas Bild Up

I love it when you into shops and see everyone rushing around getting all the Christmas gifts, food and the last-minute things that they’ve forgotten about.


Christmas Movies

I also love the Christmas movies and I can’t wait to see what Amazon Prime have on also Gavin and Stacey have a Chrismas special what I am so excited to watch.


Getting The Chrismas Gifts Ready

This year I’m getting all my Chrismas gifts from Amazon plus getting them all gift wrapped. I’ve never ordered Christmas gift online before so fingers crossed they will arrive in time.


The Costa Christmas Cups & Chrismas Drinks

Every year Costa release their new Chrismas cups and every year they look better than the year before. Not only that Costa also bring out the Chrismas drinks


Christmas Blog Posts

I also readying all the Charismas blog posts especially the BlogMas and gift guide ones also to anyone who’s doing BlogMas leave your link in the comment box below so I can have a read.


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