Ask Me Anything…

A few weeks ago I came up with this idea that I’d post something on my social media pages saying “Ask Me Anything” and after 24 hours I looked at the question that you all asked and well respond to them in a blog post. I don’t know why did this but I know it would it be a fun blog post to make and a fun post for you all to read.  Also please note if I do not add your question to this blog post its nothing towards you or anything.


Questions Asked On Twitter


“What do you love about being a blogger”

What I love about blogging is that you can post what ever you like no matter.

“What is your favourite social media platform”

My favourite social media platform is Twitter becuse I feel like you can connect with the blogging comunioty better and also conntect with your blog redears.
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“What did you learn ay college and did you enjoy it”

At college I learnt animal care, animal welfire and animal manigment for 3-4 years and I did enjoy it in fact I loved to a degree becuse I got to learn all kind of diffrent things based on animals and also work with them and not keep on doing paper work and well I had a lot of that…
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“When your next book review”

Well I was planning to have at least 4 or 5 book reviews done by now and I do have a lot planned but I’ve had to add them on to my 2020 blog post list. Also when I made a book reviews I try to contact the team behind the book or the author to see if I can add exta stuff in the book review so you don’t just get my thought about the book and a understanding about what the book is about but you also get to know the author a little bit as wll.

“Are you doing Blog-Mas

I’ve never done Blog-Mas and it’s not that I don’t weant to do it becuse I do its just I don’t relly have the time but one day hopefully I can.


Questions Asked On Instagram

“Who’s blog are you loving right now

I don’t relly love just one blog and the reason to why I becuse I check so many blogs out every week and all of them I love becuse all the blog posts are amazing and all the blogs are diffrent.

“Why are you obsessed with Apple so much

I have a few pepole in my life who say “Jack you are obbsed with Apple” and well to a degree I am but also to a degree I’m not. The reson to why I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessd with Apple is becuse I don’t have everything that Apple sale. Now I know alot about Apple and thier CEO Tim Cook and how ther products work but I still woun’t say I’m obssed. The reson to why I like Apple and yes I know some peole would disagree with me but it’s becuse I love how Apple make things you didn’t relise you needed until they make it. I love how you casn go into an Apple store and get your iteam fixed instead of having to wait for a company to send you a delivery thing and so on.

“Are you excited for Christmas

100% yes

Question Asked On Facebook


“Why did you make a Facebook page for your blog

I made a Facebook page for for the peole who follow my blog who have Facebook can stay updated with my blog and see what I’m up to plus get mini updates based on blog.