Lets Talk About Autism

As most of you know I have autism and I found out that I had autism about a year ago or something like that. Now luckily I have a such a supportive family and friends who help and support me with so much and without them, I’d be lost. Over the last few weeks and months, I have had people come up to me asking me about autism what is fine because I feel like the more we walk to talk about then the more people can be aware of it and the more people who know about autism the better. With all that said I have also noticed how little people knew about autism and how little people wear aware of it. Now I know there are a lot of people all over the world who know about autism but when you have loads of people come up to you asking about it and not even knowing that autism was even a thing well its shock because as I said you’d thought people would have been more aware of it.

What Is Autism

Autism is a long life disability that affects people like myself to communicate and interact with the world and everyday life.

There are around 700,000 adults and children in the UK who have autism and like all the people who have autism we all have our own strength and challenges but everyone who has autism finds it hard to communicate and interact with other people.

People with autism can also sometimes take longer to understand and progress information and not understanding the facial expression, body language and things you may class as a joke.

People like myself who have autism also engage in repetitive behaviour doing and thinking the same thing over and over again we can also find unexpected changes very stressful and it can also sometimes take us a while to understand the following changes and take us a while to adjust to the changes.

Some people who have autism don’t like smells, bright lights, loads of sounds, big groups of people, being touched, having our routine or things moved very stressful and can sometimes send people who have autism into a meltdown or they might shut everything out around them.

People like myself are still human and we still have feelings like you and everyone else we just need more time and support time to time.

Jack’s Autism

1. Being in big groups filled with people

2. My things being moved or touched

3. My routine changing too fast

4. Being touched

5. The understanding of facial expression, body language

Q’s Based On Autism

Over on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page if anyone had any questions based on autism

“Please Note: This is not me trying to come across as I know everything about autism or anything like that but the questions and answers that are on this blog post and ones I know and ones that I know I can 100% respond to”

“What would you say to someone who wants to find out more about autism”

Head over to The National Autistic Society website and to find out more about autisum and I’d also recommend heading over to YouTube as they have loads of videos based on autisum

“How much support have you got from your family and friends”

My family have been absultly amazing and giving me so much support towards my autisum and I know some peole would say but thats whay family are thier for but still they have all been incredibal.

My frindship group is very small due to my autsum when I told some poepole they didn’t know what to say incase I found upsetting or something. After telling them that I’m not going to get upset by what they say and told them to just continue treating me thw way they did before myself or them knew. Some of frineds have helped me so much and it makes you relise who your true frinds relly are

“How did you feel when you got told that you had autism”

When I got that I had autsum I didn’t relly feel sad or happy or anything relly I was more shcoked if anything becuse when you go the meetings and tests you don’t relly know until they tell you. After a few days or so of looking up autism and learning about and understanding why I do things in a set away and so on it all made sence.

I also did a blog post called I Have Autism… what is based on autism and what my autism is like if you would like to read this blog post you can do by Clicking Here



2 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Autism

  1. Jack, I love that you continue and bring awareness to this important issue. You already know I find you brave and amazing for dealing with all of this so beautifully. I love that you shared how autism is expressed in your life and how you experience it. It’s one of the things I find people are most clueless about – that autism takes many different shapes and forms, it’s different from person to the other. Keep doing what you are doing I am grateful to people like you who educate others on it.

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