How I Keep On Top Of Blogging

The way other bloggers run and manage their blogs will be very different to how I run mine also please note this isn’t me telling others how to run or manage their blogs.

When I first started blogging I was finding it hard to run and manage the blog alongside going to an animal college full time. As college got busier and the deadlines got shorter running and keeping on top of my blog was seemingly impossible. Ones I had compleated my 4/5 years at college and had a year off I spent that time putten more work into my blog and working out a plan that I knew would work for a while and also be manageable when I started working and so forth.  This isn’t me saying that running my blog has been a walk in the park because as some bloggers are aware sometimes blogging can have its hard time but no matter what blogging is still fun. After spending a few weeks working out how I was going to run my blog alongside other things in my life I noticed that everything was a little easier.

How I Manage My Blog

To me managing the blog to me means sorting out the front end of the blog like cleaning up the sidebar and widgets. When I have to manage my blog I make a list of what needs to be done and then work out what will take less time to sort out so then when it comes to the last thing that needs to be sorted I can put more focus and into it.


Blog Post’s

When it comes to planning and making blog posts I have a load of notebooks on my desk filled and filled with all kind of blog posts that I need to do. When I’m making a blog post I always use my blog planners from Dot Creates so I can keep on top of what I have done on the blog post and what I have to do.


Changing The Blog

When I changed my domain name from “” to “” I wanted to also change the way my blog looked and well make it all look the way I wanted it. When I was doing this I was looking at themes that WordPress had available and after a few minutes or so looking I found the – theme and ones I added the new theme to my blog I still wanted to change the way it looked and change the background colure. After doing all that and making the blog look the way I wanted to I then made a blog header that didn’t just look nice on the blog but one that would look very different to the ones I’ve had in the past.


The Blog Email’s

When it comes to emails you can sometimes slowly but surely hit that 99+ number and well its safe to you gonna be sat looking at a load of emails and well most probably missed the ones you wanted to see.  With my blog email, I like to try and check them 3 to 4 times a day and that’s so my emails don’t get backed up and so I can keep on top of them. When it comes to me checking my blog emails I like to sort them out into folders and well bin the ones I don’t really care about. The reason to why I have folders for different in my blog emails is so when I look for that one email I don’t have spend hours looking for that one email I can just find the folder and look in there to find that one email if you get what I mean…



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