The iPhone 11 Review

When Apple released the date of there Apple KeyNote I just knew that the next iPhone was going to be amazing.

When I went into the Apple store I went and had a look at the iPhone 11 in red and it looked amazing. Now the reason why I chose to get the iPhone 11 in red is that Apple teamed up with Product Red. Product Red is a charity that reash money of people who have HIV or Aid’s and Product Red has helped (140 million people). Find out more click here. 


The iPhone 11 Camera

The all-new iPhone 11 camera has the all-new ultra-wide feature the camera is also a lot better and the iPhone 11 also focuses is much better and makes your photos look amazing.

If you take photos in low-light don’t worry because the iPhone 11 has your back. With the new night mode on the iPhone 11, you don’t need to find the flash the iPhone 11 will make the photo you are taking in low-light look incredible.

The iPhone 11 has this new feature called “Slo-Mo Selfie” now I tested this and it’s really cool but I don’t think I’ll be using it that much

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Drops, Spills And…

The iPhone 11 is designed to take spills, splashes and whatever else you may do to your iPhone 11 like drop it or something. Now I have not tested this because well I don’t want to break my iPhone of course but finger cross its true. The iPhone 11 has the best and toughest glass that any smartphone has had and the water-resistant is apparently better then what it is on the iPhone XR.


Face ID

Now when Apple released the iPhone X they made a new way for you to unlock your iPhone, pay for things and to get into things that mean a lot to you and that was Face ID. When Apple announced on the iPhone X that they have made Face ID I was all for it and well I still am. The Face ID on the iPhone 11 is better, faster and much safer then what it is on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR and you can also glance at your iPhone 11 and it will unlock so you don’t need to pick it up just to look at your notifications.


iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is also bigger and faster and also has all-day battery life now when Apple said that the iPhone 11 has all-day battery life I was like “yeah okay Apple” but well Apple meant it this time. The iPhone 11 is amazing for an example the time I’m typing this is 11:14PM and my battery is on (28%) and I’ve not put on charge yet

As I said at the begging of this blog post I think the iPhone 11 is an amazing phone for a number of reasons like the camera, how great the all-day battery life is, how fast it is, how much Face ID has improved and much more.

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What Do I Think About The iPhone 11

Now I truly think the iPhone 11 is an amazing phone and all the new things about the iPhone are amazing and I know I’ve mentioned the camera and Face ID already but they are amazing. The iPhone is bigger then the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR and altogether the iPhone 11 is just an amazing phone. The sound that comes out of the iPhone 11 is incredible and for someone like myself who loves music has great sound when you play music is a must.

Why Did You Get The iPhone 11 and Not The iPhone 11 PRO?

When I got the iPhone 11 a few people said to me why didn’t you get the iPhone 11 PRO and well the reson to why is because I don’t want to spend loads of money on the iPhone 11 PRO just because its got “pro” in the name also the only difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 PRO is the camera.

To me, the iPhone 11 is a great phone and as I’ve said already the camera is amazing and the iPhone 11 is very fast and very reliable. I wish Apple would have made Siri a little better like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home but Siri will do for now.

I hope you all liked this iPhone 11 review and get ready for another review soon.