11 Things I Want To-Do Before I Turn 25

11 Things I Want To-Do Before I Turn 25


1)  Learn To Drive

One thing I’d like to do is learn to drive and I know a few people my age would normally have a car by now but at the moment I’m not ready but hopefully, before I do turn 25 I’ll be ready and have car fingers crossed. The reason to why I’d liked to have a car is so I can get a job that is a little bit more far out and go to other places with my friends instead of always having to meet them in town and spend the day there.


2)  Have Another Little Rabbit

I use to have a rabbit called Dom’s who I loved so much and really miss when Dom’s sadly passed away I felt like something was missing and well you could say something still is. Few years after Dom’s passed away my mum and dad got me such a wonderful Charismas gift and it was Kiara. Now even though I got told that Kiara doesn’t like being with rabbits I’d still love to get another one and yes rabbits are my most favourite animal.

This is Dominos

3) Have My Own Place

Now I know 2 or 3 people who are a smaller age as me and they have their own home what is amazing and I’d love to have my own home but well at the moment that is not possible. I hope when I’m almost 25 or am 25 that I will be living in my own home.


4) Become A Full-Time Blogger

I love blogging and I love how I’ve got my own little place on the web where I can go and connect other people who enjoy reading the blog posts I make. The one thing I’d like to do the most is do blogging as my job and put in even more work into my blog.

Photo by Pascal

5) Bring Back Animal Needs & Info

Way, before I started blogging I ones, ran animal care and welfare information website and I loved running and it was going really well. Down to me getting really busy and not being able to run like I use to I sadly had close the site down. I never wanted to shut the site down but I hope that I can bring it back.

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6) Have A Smart House

At home, my bedroom is filled with smart plugs and smart lights I even have an Amazon Alexa or “Echo” as some people like to call it. The one thing I’d love to have my own home and fill it with smart lights and smart plugs and put an Amazon Alexa in every room in the house and basically control my house just by using my voice.


7) Get To Know More Bloggers

To me, the best thing about blogging is being a part of the blogging community and getting to know one another. I’ve gotten to meet some bloggers who are apart of Southampton Bloggers and they all so kind and I’d love to meet and get to know other bloggers who are also a part of the blogging community.

8) Fly To New York

I’ve watched YouTube videos of people being in New York and it looks amazing and out of all the places New York is on the top of my list.

Photo by Vinta Supply Co

9) Make People More Aware Of Autism

I made a blog a long time ago called “I Have Autism” and I made that post because I wanted to shier with everyone what my autism is like and to make people more aware about it.

10) Read More Books

I keep really wanting to read more books and as you may already know my favourite book is “An Edited Life” by Anna Newton. I also own 3 or 4 other books but I really want to get more books and get back into it.


11) Make A Bloggers Meet Up

From the first or second year of me blogging I really wanted to organise a bloggers meet up but unfortunately back then I didn’t really have an eye idea on how I was going to do that and it’s safe to say I still don’t well kinda. If this was to ever happen I’d try to work out what of thing