14 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

14 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me


1. I Have Autism

I found out that I had autism 1 or 2 years ago and when I got told that I had autism it gave me the time to understand myself as a person and understand why I do things differently to other people and why I understand the world differently to other people.


2. I’m An Admin & Social Media Admin

I’m an admin and social media admin for a charity that is based in the UK my job is to make sure that everything is running and all the social media pages are updated. Alongside that, I am also responsible for making a 28-day report based on all social media accounts that the charity is on and give them an update on how it has been and what I believe should be worked on.


3. I Have A Pet Rabbit Called Kiara

As most of you know I have a pet rabbit called who I love so much and well there is a little story to how I got Kiara. The day I got Kiara my mum and dad told me that they wear going out to get and cat and will I didn’t think much about it. After a few hours later I hear muy dads car turning up outside the house and then I hear is “Jack can you come downstairs please” so of course I came down but it wasn’t a cat no instead it was a wonderful rabbit called Kiara. Kiara isn’t the only rabbit I’ve had I use to have another rabbit called Dominors who I loved so much and well it’s safe to say I’ve never really gotten over losing him. I know some people would say “he’s just a pet” or  “he’s just a rabbit” but to, me he was more than that Dominos was my friend and a part of my family. Sadly Dominours died on (7th December 2016.)


4. Supporting Other Bloggers

When I started blogging I made it my little mission to help and support other bloggers no matter what but the only problem I had was I didn’t know how to at first. After thinking of a way that I can try to help and support other bloggers and going on from there I did all I could to help any blogger. From this day forward I still continue to try my best to help and support other bloggers and the reason to why is because every single blogger is apart of this blogging community and no matter what we should do our very best to help and support one another any way we can. When you become a blogger your not just a blogger, or someone who has a blog you’re of this big community and every single person who becomes apart of that is welcomed and no matter bloggers should stand together to continue our help and support no matter what.


5. I Love Apple

Now I did a blog post a while back called “Why Apple” and it was based on a review and me telling you my thoughts about Apple and what I think about some of their products that they sell and so forth. Yes, you can say I’m one of those people who are stuck in the Apple Ecosystem but not as much as you think to believe it or not.


6. I Love Music

I love music and well that’s the reason why I got the Apple Air Pods because the sound that comes out of them when you play music is amazing. Now, this isn’t the main reason to why I got the Amazon Echo but the sound that comes out when its set to the max is amazing. I spend most of my life playing music and when I make my blog posts or do any work I always have music on.


7. Social Media

Before I started blogging I never really went on social media and I only went on it like every few months or so but when I started blogging well that all changed. I’m now obsessed with social media and well like most bloggers I spend a lot of time on it. In the blogging community, social media is key because you can connect with other amazing bloggers and be more connected with the blogging community. It’s also key because it also keeps your blog followers updated with your blog.


8. I love Technology

I love all kind of different tech things from Amazon and Google Home Assistant to smart lights and smart plugs. Now as you can imagine my bedroom is filled with smart technology things. My bedroom has 3 smart plugs and 2 smart lights that are all contacted to my Amazon Assistant I also have an Amazon Fire TV Stick that is also connected to my assent. I’m continually watching tech re-views abased on all kind of different things and I also love finding gout how they work and so forth. Every year technology gets better and smarter.


9. Books

I’m not a big fan of books and I don’t read 100 books a day but the kind of books I do love are ones that are based on a true story, lifestyle and books that sound interesting. I know I have said this to you all so many times but I am doing another book re-view at some point I just haven’t found a book yet that I find interesting. I also have a favourite author called Anna Newton also know as “The Anna Edit” she made her book called “An Edited Life” and I’m confused recommending it to other people.


10. Coffee Lover

I drink coffee way too much and I defiantly go to Costa Coffee to much as well and I have had a few people say to me “Jack you shouldn’t drink coffee it’s bad for you” but it’s too yummy.


11. I Love To Stay Organised

I like everything to be organised and to all have its own place so you can most probably guess what my desk and bedroom is like. Everything is kept in its own space. I also like to stay organised with everyday life and I also like everything to run like clockwork and I hate being late for meetings or other things.



12. Animals

As you already know from this blog post I have one rabbit called Kiara and I use to have another rabbit called Dominiours. My passion for animals started when I was little every dog or cat that I come across when I was a kid I just had to say hello to and well my passion for animals has grown from then. I use to attend an animal college in the UK learning animal care, animal welfare and animal management. Now as much as I loved going to an animal college and looking after so many different animals from cats, rabbits, farm animals to many more and it did have its hard time and now that I look back mon it and look at how much I achieved all the happiness and stress was 100% worth it. I’m really hoping to kick my animal career back off again soon.


13. London

I’m from London and out of the city’s in the UK London is favourite and every time I go up to London I never want to come home because to me London is home and it always will be. The one thing I love about London is the way it looks and all the landmarks also London is filled with great places to take Instagram photos.


14. Dream Job

I have 3 dream jobs 1 is to work with animals and make sure they look after and that their best interest comes first no matter what, 2 is to become a fulltime blogger and force more on my blog and put even more work into it then I am now and 3 is to become CEO of Apple and yes I know that’s a long shot.