Plans For My 22nd Birthday

Now before we get started I just want to let you all know that none of this is planned as yet but if I do get to plan it then this is it.

Go For A Birthday Costa

As most people know Costa is my number one go-to coffee shop and to me, Costa tastes amazing and well it’s safe to say I kinda go their way too much. The reason why I’d love to have a Costa on my birthday is that its place wears you can sit down and have chat and no worry about anything.

Go Into Apple

Every time I go into town I always head into Apple Store and well 89% of the time its because I’m getting something from Apple and 5% because I’m looking stuff and just walking around. Part from wanting to get the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch S5 but you never with Apple they could release something tomorrow for all we know.

Have A Nice Night In

Every year for my birthday I go out to a pub or some kind of food place but for some reason this yeah I’d rather just stay at home or go to my grandparents and just have a takeaway or something no fuss or anything. I have had a few friends ask me to go out and have drinks on my birthday but in case you don’t know I don’t drink or anything so to me that wouldn’t be much fun

Photo by from Pexels

iPhone 11

To some people who I know think that the iPhone 11 is basically the same as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR but I kinda disagree. The reason to why is because I can see the difference and after watching and reading loads of reviews about the iPhone 11 it’s not the same as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR and to me, you can’t notice them unless you have seen the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 I’d like to have is the iPhone 11 in red because it looks amazing well so I think so anyway.


Apple Watch S5

My first smartwatch was a FitBit what was okay it wasn’t anything like the Apple Watch but it was okay after a few months of saving up for the Apple Watch S2 I knew that I was gonna stick with the Apple Watches. After a year or so of having the Apple Watch S2 I decided to then upgrade to the Apple Watch S4 and well now that the Apple Watch S5 has come out I’d like to now upgrade to that. You may be wondering why and thinking “The Apple Watch S4 and S5 all do the same thing and to a degree you’re correct but like I said about the iPhone 11 you need to see it to see all the new things about the Apple Watch S5. Also for someone who has an Apple Watch on all day, every day and fully uses it then you’re highly likely gonna get it.

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

Get Another Rabbit

Now this one isn’t gonna happen because Kiara does not like being with other rabbits and well I don’t have the space for another rabbit but I think it would be so cute to get another cute little rabbit.


Get More Nintendo Switch Games 

A couple of months ago I went to Game and go a Nintendo Switch what I don’t go on that often but I still go on time to time. I currently have 2 games for my Nintendo Switch what is Maria Kart and Yoshi’s Crafted World and Maro Kart is way better then it was on Nintendo DS and Yoshi’s Crafted World is really good game ones you get into it

Get A Hard Drive 

With the Apple MacBooks, you can’t back it up to iCloud so instead, you have to get a hard drive what is a little bit annoying because most things you can back up onto iCloud. The only problem is I’m not willing to pay the amount that Apple is asking for it so I’m looking for another that isn’t as much. To anyone who had a hard drive please comment below where you got it from

Get More Smart Things For My Bedroom

In my bedroom, as you may all know I have an Amazon Alexa alongside 2 smart lights and 3 smart plugs and I’d love to get some more smart things for my bedroom what I don’t know but if anyone has any ideas please comment below.

Get Some Games For My Gaming PC

Longside having my Apple MacBook I also have a gaming PC even though the PC is made for games I still use it for things that I do on my Apple MacBook and that’s not very often. I’m looking for some games so to anyone who had any games for their Gaming PC or has Steam please let me know what kind of game you have and what its called.