Goal Up-Date | 2019

At the begging of 2019, I set myself some goals and instead of setting one big goal I decided to set myself a few mini-goals. Now that we are a few months until the end of 2019 I thought I’d give you all a little mini update and also set myself some new goals.

Supporting Other Bloggers 

I always have this set as my goal because to me supporting other bloggers will never end because no matter what their is always another amazing blogger needing help or support. To me when you become a blogger you do not just know as a blogger or someone who has a blog but you are also a part of this blogging community. No matter what your blog is based on or how long you’ve have been blogging for I always think bloggers should always support one another.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


I have this wonderful rabbit called Kiara who I love so much and the reason to why I set Kiara as one of my goals is because I got Kiara 2-3 weeks before Chrismas. Down to this, I had to settle her in and build her trust towards me. Now I know this wasn’t going to take me a year but I wanted to set this as my goal so when I look back at it I can see how Kiara has changed.


Try To Compleat My Apple Watch Achievement Rings 

When I got my Apple Watch S2 I didn’t take much notice to the Achievement Rings but when I got my Apple Watch S4 I made sure that I kept an eye on it and try to compleat my rings. On the Apple Watch, you also get monthly challenges and some of them are really easy and others are so hard.



Now to a degree sorting stuff out never really ends because when you sort one thing out you always have something else to sort. Luckily the things that I wanted to sort out in 2019 I managing to sort out.


Get More Re-Views Done

Now as you can kinda all guess I haven’t really done that many book reviews and I were planning to have a lot more on my blog by now. I did my frost book review about Anna Newton’s/The Anna Edit’s new book “An Edited Life” what was so much making. I really want to make even more book reviews the only problem is I haven’t found any book yet that I’ve enjoyed reading.I’m really hoping to get book reviews up in 2020.  

Sort Out My Sleeping Pattern

Now instead of me sorting my sleeping out, I’ve made it 100% worse what I’m not happy about because I really want to get it sorted but I don’t know-how. Now I know some people will say “go to bed early” but we all know that won’t work. I’m hoping to get my sleep back on track so to anyone who can help please leave some tips or advice below.


Continue Planning Room

At the start of 2019, I made a list of what things I’d like to add to my bedroom and make it more of a room that I’d like being in and make it little different to other bedrooms. After making the list and looking online at how the stuff was and making a budget I ordered it all and started the little mini-project of making room the way I want it. Now with all that said I still have a lot of things to add and to take away but at the moment all the things that I have been able to add to my bedroom have made my room a lot different. I can’t wait to get the resat of it done.

Explore More With The iPhone XS Camera

When I got told and shown by Apple how good the iPhone XS camera was I had to go out and about and see how amazing this camera was and to see how far I can go with it. The camera isn’t going to be as good as the camera on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro but it’s still a good camera and 98% of my photos on my blog and Instagram account wear taken from the iPhone XS.

This Photo Was Taken On The iPhone XS

Find More Blogs To Read 

When I set this as my goal I was only 3 or 4 blogs at the time and I really wanted to read even more and well now I’m following and reading so many blogs I’ve lost count.

This Photo Belongs To Pexels

New Goals

  1. Continue to support other bloggers
  2. Find a good job
  3. Continue with my bedroom planning
  4. Stay on top of things
  5. Don’t always say yes
  6. Read more books
  7. Don’t keep everything locked up