Day Spent With A Friend | Southampton

In this blog post, I will leave a link to everything I brought in town.

Every couple of months me and Cait meet up and spend the day together what is lovely and we have such a fun time. The first place we went to is Apple and yes okay I know I go to Apple way too much but I can’t help it. This time when we went into Apple for a good reason and well that was to get my iPad Pro (2017) checked and thankfully the iPad was okay. I just had to get new plug because the old one was just done and not working and USB-C adapter USB so I can put my memory sticks into them and so on.


After I and Cait went to Apple we then went over to Stakks Pancakes what is my new favourite food place well apart from Costa and at Stakks I had berry and creme fraiche served with a mixed berry coulis and Cait had cornish with grilled bacon, red currant jelly and balsamic glaze.




After me and Cait going to Stakks, we then found a new shop in Southampton called Typo that has only been open for a few weeks in Southampton so I got told. Typo is one of them shops wear you go in and end up almost getting everything in the store. I got a JD light, mini storage box thing and Cait got some note pads for blogging what looks so cool







After Typo we then went to Costa and I got a Mint Choc Chip Frostino and Cait got a coffee and yes I’ve forgotten what was called. Me and Cait then sat at the same spot we always sit at and well normally we’d sit there get on with blog stuff and talk but instead Cait was doing blog stuff and I was slowly fulling asleep what I felt really bad about. After falling to keep my self awake I went back over to the till and noticed they had Costa bottles and the best part was it came with a free Costa coffee of my choice what was great and well soon woke me up.





After Costa me and Cait went to ASDA to well have a look around and well like normal we ended buying things and well you can guess what happened. When I went into ASDA I found Costa coffee cans what I was happy about and yes I brought all 3. I also brought a Yankee Candle as a gift for a family member.






After going to ASDA we then had a little walk around Southampton City Center what was lovely because it was a little cold. I had such a wonderful day with Cait and I can’t wait for next time also please make sure to check out Cait blog by Clicking Here





Things I Brought

(Please Note Some Links Will Be From Other Sites That Are Based On The List Below. Some Will Be Different But Like The Items That Are In This Blog Post)


J Light

D Light

Cube Drawers

Yankee Candle

Costa Coffee Can’s





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