Movie Re-View | No.2

One of my blog posts I did a review about Amazon Prime and in that blog post I mentioned Prime Video and after putting a poll up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram asking you all if you ‘d like to a movie re-view 80% of you said yes so here it is

New Amsterdam

I first heard of New Amsterdam on an Instagram AD and well since then I’ve really wanted to watch it and well, unfortunately, it was only available on Amazon Prime and as far as I’m aware it still is also New Amsterdam is based on a true story. New Amsterdam is about a doctor who runs the hospital alongside the bord. He believes in changing the way hospital runs and cares for people who come to them for care and help. Down to a number of people coming to run the hospital alongside the bord, all the hospital staff think that the new doctor who’s running the hospital will give the staff of New Amsterdam fuels promises. But that isn’t the case instead it’s the compleat over way around instead he does all he can so the doctors and hospital staff can do all they can to care and look after the people who come to them for care and support and makes New Amsterdam the hospital that people have been asking for. As you can guess it’s not all happy things happen to the doctor that might affect the hospital and that is all I’m going to tell you.

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9/11 was such a horrible attack to the USA and there have been loads of movies based on it. The 9/11 that I watch was a short movie but it made you think about what happened and well it’s set me off going into a lift. In 9/11 there were a dad and a mum who was going to file the end of their marriage and after the husband asking his wife to not leave him they both deiced to give it one more try. The husband and wife went into a lift with 4 other people. What they didn’t know is that their life was about to turn and only a few people got saved but unfortunately one person wasn’t so lucky.

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Man Up

When I watched the trailer of Man Up I wasn’t 100% sure about it at first and it’s not something that I’d normally watch but it turned out to be really funny. Man Up is about a man and a girl who was both at a train station in London with the same book what was meant to be their way of finding one another. But it wasn’t that simple as the man though because the girl who he was having his blind date was wasn’t relly his bind date.

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Marley & Me

Marley & Me has been one of the movies that I have wanted to watch for such a long time but never gotten round to watching also I got told it was really sad at the end and well I didn’t believe them and well trust me it gets sad at the end. Marley & Me is all about this couple and a dog called Marley and well let’s say he’s not your everyday normal dog instead he’s your kind of dog that isn’t going to pay any attention to you will just ignore you and do whatever he wants no matter what you say. After the husband and wife having 3 kids and making their wonderful family with Marley something happens to the family what is really sad and brings the family close together.

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  I hope you enjoyed this little movie review blog post and if anyone watches any of the movies on this list please let me know what you think. Also to anyone who has watched any of the movies that are on this blog post please comment below what you think.     jackdeyes