Why Apple

As most of my friends and family know I love Apple and well its safe to say I have got way to much Apple stuff and its also gotten to the point that when I go on to Apple’s website or in to the Apple store I just end looking for hours wondering what would I like from Apple and just so you all know I don’t just get stuff from Apple because its from Apple and so on if I get something from Apple its because I have reason to why I want it and need it. This is also like a little mini-review so I hope you all like it.


My first thing from Apple was an iPhone 5 what at the time I thought was amazing and then 2 or 3 years after that I got an iPhone SE what I loved but it seemed very similar to the iPhone 5 so I then went to the Apple store with a family member to get the iPhone XS what is an amazing phone. The camera on the iPhone XS is incredible and I love how fast it is. I also love having Face ID because all I need to do is just pick up my iPhone XS look at it and it’s unlocked and that’s also very fast. I also love the screen and what a difference it is.

Apple | iPhone XS – £999

Currys and PC Would |iPhone XS – £949 



I then had an iPad Mimi what I ended up locking myself out of because I forgot the code to get into it and I did go to Apple and talk to the staff but all they said to was connect it to a PC then go to iTunes and so on. I then got an iPad Pro (2017) with the smart keyboard what I was using for my blog and other things but now I use it mainly for games, catch up TV and YouTube and I still use for my blog but not as much.

iPad Pro (2017) Silver – £599


Apple Air Pods

One thing with normal earphones that I really don’t like is the lead and that’s because it always get in you’re way and it’s really annoying so I decided to get the Apple Air Pods but not just because they connect to my Apple stuff via Bluetooth but because the sound on them is amazing and they sound great

Apple | AirPods with Wireless Charging Case – £199

Apple | AirPods with Charging Case – £159

Apple Watch’s

Before getting an Apple S2 I had a Fitbit what was alright I’m not saying it was great but it was okay.

After about 5-6 months of having a Fitbit I then got an Apple S2 what was great and better then the Fitbit I ones had. Just like the Fitbit, it tracked my steps, workouts and so on but with the Apple Watch S2 I was able to call people, receive and send texts messages and much, much more

After a year or so of having the Apple Watch S2, I then moved over to the Apple Watch S4 and it was a load better than the Apple Watch S2.

Siri talked back to you instead of tapping to you and also improved and what I mean by that is Siri was much faster and more reliable then it was with the Apple S2.

The Apple Watch S4 screen was better and easier to move around and the speaker has also improved because Apple decided to move the speaker what was a great idea. I just wish Apple would make cases for the Apple Watch like they do with the iPhone’s

Apple | Apple Watch S4 Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band (40mm) – £399

Apple | Apple Watch S4 Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band (44cm) – £499


The Apple Watch on the LEFT is the Apple Watch S2

“The Apple Watch S2 is no longer available”

The Apple Watch on the RIGHT is the Apple Watch S4

iPhone and Apple Watch Wireless Charger

The iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR all accept wireless charging what is kinda cool and the reason to why I got a wireless charger for my iPhone XS is because I was fed up with having to put in a USB lead and as most people know who has something  to do with Apple their USB leads don’t last long and they always brake so it seemed like a great idea to get one.

I also have a wireless charger for my Apple Watch S4 and yes Apple does give you like a mini wireless charger but what I noticed with mine is that it would sometimes slide when the Apple Watch was on it and I’d also be worried that I’d nock my Apple S4 or my iPhone XS off the bedside table so that was another reason to why I decided to get one for them both.

The only thing that I wish Apple would do is make their Apple Watch Wireless charger is black because most of my Apple stuff part from my Apple MacBook is in black and most of the stuff that is smart or tec is black so it would have matched my bedroom.

Apple | iPhone Mophie Wireless Charging Base – £39.95

Apple | Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock – £75.00

Apple Macbook Gold

Now, of course, my Apple Macbook is not made out of real gold and the reason why I got an Apple Macbook is to do all my blog and other work on it. I have also noticed that I seem to type better on my Apple MacBook thanks to their butterfly mechanism.

I also like how light the Apple Macbook is and how easy it is to work with.

The other thing I like about theApple MackBook is that when I open the Apple Macbook it just turns on and the screen brightness automatically sets to a brightness that will be fine for my eyes and get the brightness the same as the room I’m in.

That’s is also the same for the LED lights that are in the keyboard they also set to brightness automatically and if the room is too bright or I’m sat in a cafe with bight lights the Apple MacBook knows that so if I went to turn the screen or LED brightness up it won’t let you.

I also like that Apple haven’t added a big power brick to it like most laptops have and instead I have a plug and a USB-C and my Apple MacBook doesn’t have anywhere for a USB lead to go what doesn’t bother me at all because all my Apple stuff is linked to the Apple iCould and if someone who I know needs something and they have an Apple device then I’ll just Air-Drop it to them.

Currys and PC Would |Apple MacBook Gold – £799

Why I Love Apple

I have loads of Apple stuff as you can now tell and as I said this isn’t me trying to show off and so this is just a little mini-review. The one thing I love about Apple is no matter what Apple thing you have they all link to one place and for an example if you add something to your calendar it will be on all your Apple stuff and I also love how Apple have place where you can go to get your Apple stuff fixed instead of having to send it away in the post.

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