What Have I Been Buying | No.2

This is another blog post where I tell all the things I have brought from shops in Southampton and online. Down to you all enjoying the first one I did I thought why not do another one and like I did in the other one I will add links to everything that is in this blog post if I can find it also I will add a link to the first blog post of this.

Amazon Assistant

As most of you know I love smart technology and all that stuff so a few weeks ago I went to Argos click and collect point to get another Amazon assistant and you may be wondering “why Jack you already have one” and well yes you’re correct but the reason to why I got another one is because I want to get one for my kitchen because I have one in my room and in my living room and I thought because I want to get one for the kitchen I’d just get a new one for my room that is bigger and better and then move the Amazon Echo Doc down to my kitchen also Argos had a discount going to I just thought why not.

Calendar Block

I don’t know what they are called so we’re just going with “calendar block” for now and if anyone does know the name of them please let me know.

When I read one of Katie’s blog post I noticed she had some things in gold, rose gold colour what I loved and I’m always seeing things in that colour but never getting it because I’ve never needed it or just knew I’d never use it.

Until the other day when I went into ASDA and found a calendar block in a little gold, rose gold box kinda thing and I’m so glad I found one because I have been trying to find one for long and it’s a great thing to add on my desk.


Apple Watch S4 Pride Band

As some people know I support the LGBT community and I love it that every year people come together to show other people that the LGBT community is a group of people who will always stand up for them self and show everyone that people can love who they like no matter and that the LGBT community will not be beaten and that love is love no matter what and that people should be able to full in love with whoever they want.

I have a few friends who are apart of the LGBT community and most of them talk to me about Pride and what the LGBT community is and it’s so lovely and I’ll always support them.

When I looked on Apple’s website and found that realised the Apple Watch S4 Pride Brand I had to get it before Apple stops sealing them for another year and I know its only something small but I think no matter if you go out with the same gender or not you can always show your support towards the LGBT community because at the end of the day people are people and love always win.




Desk Chair

Over the last few weeks or so I have been planning a blog post based on my desk and well you can probably guess what it is.

I was hoping to get it up on the blog by now for you all to read but as you can tell it’s been taking my while and you may thinking why and that is because I had to get things for desk and get a desk chair and get rid of this stall that I have been using.

When it comes to picking the desk chair that I wanted I had to make sure it matched my desk and the room plus look good and something that I knew I’d be compatible in.

Down to that, I spent weeks looking on Google looking for a desk chair that I was happy and after a few weeks and so on I found Wayfair and come across the desk chair I’ve been looking for.

Now I know its just a desk chair but I thought I’d add it anyway just in case anyone is looking for one.

Ring Security Camera

I have a security camera in my room so I can keep eye on Kiara my rabbit when I’m downstairs, out and about or away for a few days and the other reason is because in my room I have a lot of things so just in case anything did happen I’d have photos and videos of what happened there and then.





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