My Thoughts​ on Amazon Prime

A few weeks ago I upgraded my Amazon account to an Amazon Prime account when I upgraded Amazon let me have a 60 free day trial what I loved because I wasn’t 100% sure about it at first. I asked a few of my family and friends and as you can guess it was a 50 – 50 response what wasn’t helpful. After having Amazon Prime for 3 or 4 weeks I already knew I was going to keep it after the free 60-day trial


Amazon Prime Benefits 

Unlimited Streaming

Over 2 Millions Songs

2 Hours Same Day Prime Now Delivery 

Free Delievery 


Amazon Assistant Works Even Better and much more 


In the list of Amazon Prime Benefits, I added “Amazon Assistant Works Even Better” and it’s not 100 things it’s just 3 things but still super helpful.


Voice Shopping

Amazon Prime Members can ask their assistants to do their shopping and help you choose from tens and millions of Prime-eligible items sold by Amazon.


Exclusive Deals

We all love a good deal now and then and with Amazon Prime, your getting deals all day every day on loads of different items and the Amazon Alexa tells you all the top and latest deals Alexa also tells you how much money you are saving.


Tracking Your Parcel

On the Amazon app and website, it tells you how far your amazon delivery is and when it’s at your front door. With the Amazon Alexa, the assistant tells you how far way your parcel is and tell you when it arrives.


I’m sure there are many more things what I not found yet but if you know of any please let me know also I will be a doing. review based on the Amazon Echo so look out for that.

Amazon Prime is amazing and I’m always recommending it to all my friends and what I love about Amazon Prime is that you don’t just get one thing out of it you get a number of things all in one package.

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