Gift Ideas | 2019

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone it can sometimes be really easy or one of the things that take so long and then can some times feel more like a task instead of being something fun to do. You can also sometimes spend hours on end going to shops and online trying to find them something to the point where you just end getting a £20.00 gift card what you know that person will spend or just forget about.

Amazon Alexa Assistant

As most of you know I have an Alexa what is amazing and I use every single day it does so many things plus controls all my plugs and my lights plus my Amazon Fire TV Stick. You know anyone who is looking for a smart assistant like Alexa then why not get them one and trust me it will be the perfect gift.


Currys and PC Would 


Amazon Fire TV Stick

Before I got the Amazon Fire TV Stick I use to have a Google Chrome Cast and a NOW TV Box what I loved but they weren’t all that great. After looking up the Amazon Fire TV Stick and watching reviews about it and so forth I had to get one and reason to why is because one it was much more easier to set up, you can connect it to your Amazon Alexa, watch TV catch up and if you have Amazin Prime then you also get to watch so many amazing movies and shows. You know anyone who has an Alexa in their bedroom or living room or just want to get a little gift then this is the gift you should get them.



Currys and PC Would 


An Edited Life

You have someone in your family or you have that friend who loves reading books or loves to stay on track with life and work then An Edited Life by Anna Newton is the perfect gift for them. I read Anna’s book so many times and I love it and I’m always recommending it to other people. I also got as a birthday gift for a friend and she also loves it

The Anna Edit – Blog 

Jack Deyes – Book Review On “An Edited Life”


Blog Planner Note Pad

If you have that friend or family member who is a blogger then why not get them a blog planner pad they are so helpful and I love them and I think every blogger should have them.

Dot Creates 

I hope this little mini blog post has helped some of you come up with gift ideas



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