My Desk Tour

Before we get started I just wanted to let you know that I will be adding a link to all the things this blog post has at the bottom of this post. Some of the links will be to another website down to me not being able to find it.

One thing I love about my desk is that it’s my place to go and get my blog work done and other things I do. My desk is black and made out of glass and don’t ask me why I decided to go for a desk that was made out of glass because I have no clue why all I know is that now I can see every single fingerprint and dust so I’m continuously cleaning it as you can imagine.


What’s On My Desk?

When it came to putting things on my desk I was continuously taking things off, moving things around and so on and it’s taken me a while to be happy with how my desk looks.


I have an Amazon Echo on my desk what is perfect because it looks great on the desk down to the colour and the Echo is a big help.


Calendar Block

I also have a calendar block what I love the look of.


Blog Planner

The Blog Planner is way more helpful than I thought the Blog Planner has helped me so much with my blog and I’d recommend anyone who runs a blog or gets lost with their blog to get them.


Sticky Notes and Pens

I use my sticky notes for a number of things from a reminder to giving someone info they may need like a date to remember. I also have a lot of pens and I seem to gain more and more every year.



My computer was a gift from a family member and the computer isn’t like any other one mine is a gaming PC what is amazing and I love it. The keyboard also lights-up 3 different colour green, red and blue.


Bluetooth Mouse

I also have a Bluetooth mouse and the reason why is because  I was getting fed up with the USB lead thing getting in my way also the mouse was a gaming mouse so trying to click on something was very hard because it would think I was clicking something that was based on a game. I found this Bluetooth mouse in ASDA for £6.00 and it works amazingly well.


Note Pads, Note Books and Folders

I also have a load of different note pads and notebooks all filled with different kind of things I also have a big planner 2019 book what I also got from ASDA for £1.50 and well I was using it for about 3-4 months and then I kept on forgetting about and now I just use my calendar on my iPhone XS  because its all linked to my devices. I use my folders for things like my bills, my pet rabbits stuff like letters from the vets and things like that so they are all kept in one place and all stored out.


Apple MacBook

As you already know I also have an Apple MacBook what I love and I use this for my blog mainly as most of you can tell from my Instagram photos and stories.


Paper Work Tray

I also have a paper tray thing on my desk that I got from Pound Land and as you can guess it cost £1.00 also my paper tray thing is normally filled paperwork, bill and things that come in the post.



Please Note: Some of the items that are linked to this blog post may be different from what is on this post down to me not being able to find them.

Amazon Echo

Block Calendar

Blog Planner

Pen Pot

Sticky Notes


Bluetooth Mouse

Light up Keyboard


Folder Holders

Apple MacBook

Paper Work Tray