What I’d Like To Do This Summer

I love it when the sun comes out and we have lovely hot weather because people are in such a good mood, its a great time to take photos for your blog and Instagram. I thought this year I would make a blog post based on “What I’d Like To Do This Summer”

Spending Time With Family

As most of you know my family mean everything to me and when I get time to spend with them I love it. When it’s lovely and hot sometimes we go out to the woods and just have a little walk or we’ll go somewhere in my mums or dads car. This summer we do something a little different but no matter what it is just spending time with them is good enough for me.


Kiara is everything to me and I love her so much and she means so much to me and I’d do anything for her. Kiara loves running, hopping and laying around in the back garden what I know she misses in the winter-time. I can’t wait to let Kiara back outside and seeing her bouncing around with happiness.

Costa’s Summer Drinks

Now as most of you know I love Costa and well its safe to say I go their way to much and after Maria.J saying how good the Costa mac and cheese is well I have another reason for me to go and I can’t wait to try their new summer drinks.

Blog and Instagram photos

Another thing I love about summer and the sun is how great pictures turn out and I can’t wait to take photos this summer because I’ll be able to see what my iPhone XS is also like at taking photos when it’s hot and sunny.



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