Let’s Have A Chat No.2

Last time I did “Let’s Have a Chat” was last year what I was kinda shocked about because I thought it was more recent than that but anyway here is an update of “Let’s Have a Chat”. Now as you can tell a lot has changed from the last blog post I did and well there is a lot to update you on and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will have an idea of what I have been up to the last few months.

– The Blog –

As you can most probably all tell I  have made a new blog header for the 5th time and in case you are wondering why it’s because to me the blog headers that I use to have didn’t really have anything based on what I like to part from the one I have now of course and the one that Kaite did for me a few years ago what I still love. With all that said I have also been putting in even more time into my blog than I would normally and yes at times, it can feel like 100 and 1 things are going on at ones when I do loads of work on my blog but as people say “the hard work pays off” and well it definitely has that’s for sure.

– Kiara The Rabbit –

I still have Kiara and she’s still my wonderful pet who I love and adore so much and well she has grown so much she still has the blue ball as her most loved toy but apart from that their isn’t much to really update you about I thought I’d just add in to this blog post because I know some of you have been asking about her.

– Blogging Events –

As you may remember I did a blog post called “My First Ever Blogging Event | Southampton Bloggers” and I’m still apart of Southampton Bloggers and I can’t wait for the next event that they do.

– Friends and Blogging –

After telling my friends about blogging and how amazing all the other bloggers are so on my friend has finally made a blog what is amazing and I love her blog it looks amazing. What I also love is that it’s another amazing supportive blogging becoming part of the blogging community and if you have the time please check out my friend’s blog and show her blog some love.

– I Now Have My Own Place To Go When Blogging –

In a few weeks, I will have blog post up called “My Desk Tour” and one thing I love about my desk is that I have my own place to go and get on my blog post and admin stuff that is related to my blog all done.

– Supporting Other Bloggers –

As I do every year I pick a load of bloggers who I’d like to interview or add and mention in a blog post and so far it has been another booming success what I’m so pleased about also as you may already notice I have added some new bloggers to my blog what is amazing.

– jackdeyes.com –

I know this is kinda related to the “About The Blog Bit” on this post but I really wanted to give you all a mini updated about changing my blog domain to “jackdeyes.com”.

Before I decided to set my blog domain to “jackdeyes.com” I had a few people say “good luck with that Jack when I did it I found it really hard” what I’m glad they said because at the time I was just hoping for the best and really wanted this work out and well as you can see “jackdeyes.com” is still the address for my blog and I’m so happy I decided to do it.

– I Told My Blog Reads That I Have Autism –

When I made “I Have Autism” blog post I was so scared to publish it because I wasn’t sure how you, my reads and everyone else was going to react and I had this blog post all done and saved in draft for months until I looked at it and just hit that publish button and well ones I hit that there wasn’t much else to do but wait.

After leaving all my devices in my room and well hiding from social media for a few hours I went back up into my room got my phone and looked at all the blog comments and Twitter notification and all the love and support you all show towards that blog post was amazing. When I started blogging someone said to me “one day you will make a blog post what will mean everything to you” and well I have a few that do but that one hits the top and I know I already said this but thank you to every single one of you because you all made my day.

– Support Towards My Blog –

Ones I did an Instagram Q&A and one of them said “Do your family support you towards your blog” and well in the kindest way possible I didn’t respond it to and the reason to why is because I didn’t really know what to put so I just left it. Now my family support me towards my blog and so on but my family and some of my friends don’t 100% get what blogging is but no matter what I know that my family will always be there to support no matter what.

Please check out Allanah new blog and show it some love


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