Meet The Bloggers

Before we get started I just want to inform you that this is the blog post that was based on my Twitter poll that 87% of you yes to but let’s say I have added a little twist to it.

– Please Note –

I have had permission from all 5 bloggers who are in this post to use the photos of them, blog and social media links

Ellisha – Jade

“The Southampton Girl”

About Ellish – Jade

Ellish Jade is a Southampton blogger who Ellish also runs her own business and has a cat who is very cute. Ellish’s blog looks amazing and her blog posts are incredible Ellish also has her own YouTube channel and just like her blog the YouTube videos she makes are also amazing.

How I Come Across Ellish – Jade

I started following Ellish in 2018 when I come across Ellish’s Instagram page and noticed that she was from Southampton and after looking at her incredible Instagram photos I then went to go and check out her blog what is amazing and she does a great job with her blog and her blog looks amazing.

Blog – FacebookTwitterInstagram


About Alice

Alice is a Southampton blogger and started blogging in 2016 and her love for blogging has grown ever since.

How I Come Across Alice

Alice was at the Southampton Bloggers event and after talking to her for a little bit and then following her social media pages plus her blog and reading some of them I noticed how committed she is to blogging. Alice blogs about a number of things such as Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle all of her blog posts look amazing and the photos she takes for blog and Instagram page all look fantastic.

 – Blog – Instagram


About Becca

Becca is a Southampton student alongside a blogger as you can all kinda guess

How I Come Across Becca

I started following Becca on Instagram because I kept seeing her photos popping up on Instagram and after seeing them and liking them I decided to check out her Instagram profile and follow it. I then noticed that she was part of Southampton Bloggers. Few weeks after that me and Becca started messaging and we both attended the Southampton Bloggers event what was lovely because. I also noticed how kind she was to everyone and how much support she had for other bloggers and I also checked out her blog and her blog looks amazing.

Blog – TwitterInstagram


About Gemma

Gemma is from Liverpool and is an outstanding blogger who doses fantastic blog posts

How I Come Across Gemma

I can’t remember off the top of my head how I found Gemma’s blog or anything like that but one thing I do know from following her on social media and following her blog is how kind and lovely she is. Gemma is an amazing blogger and all her blog posts look lovely.



About Laura

Laura is a history graduate and loves to go shopping she is also an amazing blogger from the UK

How I Come Across Laura

I have been following Laura on social media and her blog for a long time now and as I have said her blog is amazing and I love reading her blog posts. The photos she takes for her blog look fantastic and Laura blogs about fashion, delicious food, console gaming and historical British sites so there is a lot to chose from.





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