Apple MacBook

Now you may remember a while ago I did a blog post called “Why Do I Class This As My Laptop” I never thought I’d end up getting an Apple MacBook a few months down the line.

When I put an Instagram story up of my Apple MacBook some of you messaged me asking me “why did I get it in gold” and the reason why is because most of my Apple stuff is black or a dark colour so I wanted to get an Apple MacBook that was a different colour from the rest of the Apple stuff.


Now the reason why I got an Apple MacBook was that I’ve always liked how it looks, how fin it is, how it works and how light it is. Now that isn’t the only reason to why I like the Apple MacBook the other reason to why like the Apple MacBook is because I find it easy to type fast on and to me it does everything I’d want a laptop or Apple MacBook to do.

When I got the iPad Pro I was planning to use it as my laptop and don’t get me wrong I still love my iPad Pro and I’ll still use it and type up blog posts and all the rest of the stuff but I’m also thinking about getting  games and catch up TV apps on it and use my Apple MacBook mainly for my blog and other work that I have to do. I also like the Apple MacBook because unlike other laptops you have to carry around this big block and lead thing but with this Apple MacBook all you need to carry is normal size USB plug and a USB – C and no one can use it or try and use it for their phone what I love because I really don’t like people using my Apple USB’s.

When I got this Apple MacBook I was defiantly not going to pay the amount of money that Apple wanted for it so instead I went onto Curries and PC World website and it was a big drop in price so to anyone who is looking for something that maybe loads of money on one site try Currys and PC World because whenever I go onto their website I always find good deals and as I said it saves you so much money in the long rung.

When I got this Apple MacBook I also got a big bag to go with it form when I am out and having to go somewhere to do my work and so on. The bag is so big and can fit so much stuff inside of it also the zips are hidden so one can try and open it when I’m out and about there is also somewhere for me to put the Apple MacBook plug and lead inside too.



– Apple MacBook –

From Currys and PC World

(They may be out of stock)


– Laptop Bag –

Currys and PC World


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