What Have I Learnt From 5 Years Of Blogging

– Being In Control –

Being in control of your blog and everything based on it is the one most important thing and well, of course, this is one you, me and the rest of the bloggers knew but what I mean by “Being In Control” is for an example when you go out and about to take blog photos no matter what you have to be in crotal of what the photo is, how you are going to take it and what you plan the photo to look like and how you’d like it to come up on your blog. You are also in control of how you’d like your blog to look and as I said this one you, me and all the other bloggers already know so I don’t have to put too much into that one.

– Supporting Other Bloggers –

In my eyes being a blogger isn’t just about having a blog or calling yourself a blogger its also about supporting one another no matter if they have a completely different blog topic to you. The end of the day like I have said before all bloggers new and ones who have been doing blogging for a long time are all apart of this blogging community and as a community, we should all do our very best to support one another any way we can.


– Finding The Right Thing For Your Blog –

When I started my blog I was using a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and well you can most probably guess how hard that was to run I then started to run my blog on a Kindel Fire HDX what was great and I loved it. After a few years later I got a computer to run my blog on and an iPad Pro and it’s made running my blog a lot less stressful. When new bloggers ask me what do I think is the best device to run a blog on and make blog posts I always say an Ipad, computer or a laptop because I feel like with them they will never let you down unless its really old or something has happened to it.

– Timing and Planning –

When I started blogging I had no set day or time of when a blog post would go up I’d just make a blog post and just put it up the next following day or when I was able to find a day and date to put it up. I knew a few bloggers who do this and it works really well for them and they find a little bit easier because they don’t have deadlines to meet or a set date to get done by and well it’s less stressful. When I use to blog like that for me it was the other way around because I had no clue what post had gone up and everything and well, it’s safe to say me and my blog was a mess and it really wasn’t fun. Ones I started college and had a schedule plus set days I then worked out what time and day of the week was going to work for me and my blog and well as you know I picked (Saturday 5PM) and the reason to why is because it gave me a week to get the post done also it’s the weekend so it seemed like a great time to put a blog post up and when its 5PM everyone is home or coming home and all they want to do is relax so it all seemed to match up and that’s been the set date for the last 4 to 5 years.


– Running Your Socal Media –

When I started blogging and set up social media accounts for my blog I only had it based on my blog and that was about it and I don’t really know why I did that also I was new to the world of social media so I was slowly getting my head around it. After a few months or so and working out what social media was about and so on I decided to change to my social media accounts around but still having it based on my blog but also adding my life and well running my social media how I do today basically.


– Staying On Top Of Your Life and Blogging –

Trying to stay on to of your life and your blog can sometimes seem impossible and you are continuously trying to work things out and manage both things at the same time. I think this happens to a few bloggers including my self and when everything gets out of hand I feel like just screaming and pushing everything to one said and just act like none of it is their but as we all know when it comes to avoiding something that can sometimes become impossible  because at some point in the day your going to rethink it and then go into the same cyclical over and over again. When this happens to me I get a pace of paper and a pen writing down all things I currently have to plan or sort and so on and after a few hours of planning and re-thinking it all I then start putting it all into action and 99% of the time it works

– Blog, Family and Friends –

When I started blogging no one knew part from one person my best friend Amy Lee but apart from her, no one else knew not even my family. The reason to why no one else knew part from Amy is because I didn’t know how people would come across and I knew with Amy she’d tell what she thinks instead of trying to think of something I want to hear instead and well she still does. After about a year or so keeping my blog a little secret from my family and friends they all slowly ended up finding out what I knew was going to happen at some point. My family ended up know because a family member asked me what I was doing and well I said “oh just a blog post” and well I completely forgot I didn’t tell any of my family and well, after “trying” to explain it all to my family what a blog is and what a blogger does and showing them what I blog about and showing them my blog  they all found out. My friends ended up finding out because I was adding blog stuff to my Instagram page and had “Blogger” in the bio and well that’s how they all ended up finding out. Some of my friend’s thought it was amazing and ended up being really interested and well the others just ended up not being that kind about what I kinda knew was going to happen at some point so it’s safe to say I was ready for it in a way. After having my “friends” telling what they very unkindly thought about blogging, my blog and so on I just ignored them because at the end of the day I was doing something I loved and still do so surely if you are doing blogging, YouTube or some other kind of hobby you are doing and as long as you enjoy it that’s all that really matters.


– Taking and Accepting Feedback –

I know sometimes taking feedback can be hard to accept especially when its unexpected for an example ones I had an email from a blogger and when I looked back on it I realised they wear trying to help and they emailed me because they wanted to give me some feedback on my blog and because I didn’t know they wear just going to randomly send me an email filled with thing they like and dislike or think I should improve on I kinda felt like that wear attaching my blog. Down to this, I muted the email and just ignored trying not to think about. After a few days of it running in my head, I re-read the email and finally realised they wear just sending me feedback based on what they think I can do better on my blog. Some of it agreed with and some of I didn’t, after all, it’s feedback. After all that it got me thinking how can us “bloggers” give one another feedback without upsetting one another and I still don’t know how that would be possible. From this day depending on how it is said and how the message or email comes across in the text I still find it hard to accept some feedback and I don’t really know why.

– Connecting With Other Bloggers “Not Just On Socal Media” – 

It’s easy to connect with other bloggers by social media all you do is find their blog click or tap on one of the social media icons and there you go but one thing I have noticed is that bloggers don’t meet up anything like that well from what I know of anyway. I know we have blogging events and things what are really cool but we don’t seem to like go over a coffee shop and make a blog post or have a blogging day and so on. I do have 2 friends one is Amy Lee as you already know and my other friend is Daisy who’s new to blogging. Now don’t get me wrong I love spending time with both of them but I don’t know to me if you were spending the day with a blogger you’d 99% of the time start talking about blogging and blogging things and yeah okay you may also talk about things that are not all based on blogging but still and hopefully you all get what I mean to a degree.

– New Rules and Laws We Have To Follow –

When I started blogging from what I can remember bloggers only had 3 rules to follow and that was to add a cookie banner to your blog, don’t copy others and don’t go getting in trouble with CopyRight and add AD to a blog post that you were paid for but now you have to add AD to a blog post you are being paid for, add gifted and add press event plus you have to make really clear to everyone that its an AD, press event or gifted what I 100% agree with because as people and other bloggers have said “how are you meant to know unless you see it telling you or someone telling you.” Also with bloggers and other sites now having to make a Privacy Policy page explaining how you use people dater and so and so forth what I also agree on. Then we had Blog & Social Media Endorsements Rules that the UK put in as law what meant we had more things to add and so also I’d like to add that I agree on it all and I’m glad they all got pointed out it’s just made me think how much we now have to add to our blog and blog related stuff.

– Achieving The Impossible –

I ones got asked by a friend what do you achieve from blogging and at first, I didn’t really know what to say because even though I know you can active thing with blogging it’s not really been something I’ve really thought about or put much time into but after thinking about it I said to my friend “In my eye achieving things from blogging and my blog is the goals that I have set myself for my blog and being nominated for awards from bloggers and being part of the UK Blogs Awards and things like that”

In a way, you could say blogging is filled with achievements and awards but only we see it like for me hitting 100 blog posts and yes I know to some people that may not come across a big deal or anything but to me that means a lot and in my eyes, that’s a big achievement

– Working With PR, Brands and Companies –

I remember when I did my first blog post with a brand I was so excited and I still do and yes I know it sounds silly but there is something about working with PR, brands or a company’s that makes blog post worthwhile and to know that they are going to love it when they get round to reading it.

– Continuously Thinking Of New Blog Post Ideas –

As we all know when you first start your blog you have millions of blog post ideas running in your head one after another but at some point, you hit the blank page in the book and what I mean by that is you end up not being able to think of any new blog post ideas no matter how long you try to think of one. Then after a few days or a week you will just randomly start thinking of some again and what I do so I don’t forget them or I find myself on that page I just get all 11 note pads out and look at them picking what one I’d like to make.






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