What I Got For My Dad On Fathers Day

When it comes to days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and things like that apart from birthdays and Christmas I don’t really think about it or go to a place to get one gift unless I know there is something they really want. This year for Father’s Day I decided to not get any kind of chocolate or anything like that but inside get a little gift bag and basically fill it up with a few things that are all based on Father’s Day.

When I found the “Dad’s Taxi”  I knew my dad would love it because like anyone who has a dad who can drive a car all we ever seem to ask is

“Dad can you give me a lift to such and such” and “Dad can you pick me up” so when I found this I knew he’d love it

When I fond this cup I defiantly had to get it not because it says “Worlds Best Dad” or anything like that but because when its been Father’s Day  I’ve always got him some kind of food so I thumb this would be a great thing to add to the Father’s Day gift bag.

When I found this keyring I had to get it because it kinda made me laugh because of how the dads look and its also something nice to add to my dad’s keys.

This gift was more like a joke gift because of what it is and well in case you are wondering what it is, its a blown up kings crown for him to put on when it was Father’s Day and out just looks great.

Now I know to sometimes don’t really pay attention to the gift bag but when I was looking this be and all the other ones this one was sticking to me because go what it said and how it looked also it was the best size for the mini gifts got’s I got him.