Where Am I Taking My Blog

As most of you know every year I try and think of new things to add to my blog or change around and so far I’ve added book reviews. With that said so far I’ve only done one book review but just to let you all know I will still be doing a next one I just haven’t gotten round to it.

The other day as you may already know from last weeks blog post I went on a blogging event with Southampton Bloggers and other bloggers from Southampton and from then it’s made realise how many people actually do blogging and yes I already know that there are a lot of people already doing blogging but when you go out and about you don’t really think about people in your city until you go to an event and actually realise just how many people in your city do blogging.

After going to this event and telling my family and friends how much fun it was and how lovely all the bloggers are it made me re-think things about my blog and where I’d like to take it next plus where I’d like to see my blog in the next 3-4 years. Part of the “re-thinking about my blog” is that I am definitely going to try and attend more blogging events when I can because not only is it really fun but it also gives you the chance to talk to bloggers face to face and get to know them better I also think it makes you even more connected with the blogging community.

Now I’m not 100% sure how I will actually be able to do this but I’m also going to see if there are otherwise for me to make my blogs posts even more interesting not only for me but also for you the readers.

Whenever I make a blog post I try to make it as interesting and fun as possible so you feel connected with the blog post I have also looked at some blogs to get an idea and I’ve also been talking to over bloggers as well to get their thoughts on it.

I’m also thinking about “maybe” getting a camera now the only thing is some people have said to me there isn’t much point because your iPhone XS has a great camera but other people have said that they rather use their camera to take blog post photos because it looks better. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below so I can get an idea of what you all think as well.

I’m also going to try and push my blog out there a bit more and to try and make it grow apart of this is me giving my blog a new look but the only thing that will stay the same is the name of my blog and the web address. The reason to why I want to give my blog a new look is because I get bored of the same look on my blog so every 7 or 8 months I start to move things around and continue to improve the way it looks.

I’m also going to be getting a new blog post note pad to start thinking of even more blog posts alongside that I will also be thinking of other blog posts that I can add other bloggers too so I can help them and help make their blog grow. I’m also thinking about getting a blog planner but I’m not 100% sure where I actually go to get one so to anyone who knows or has a blog planner please let me know in the comment or over on Twitter – @Jack_Deyes