If I Could Interview Anyone It Would Be and Why

Before we get started with this blog post I just want to quickly add this. The person who I’d love to interview is the person who made me full in love with animals and they are also the reason to why I really want to have my life and career surrounded with all kind of animals from little cute dogs to big cordials.

– The Super Vet –

The reason to why I’d love to interview The Super Vet is because unlike other vets who say to pet owners “That isn’t possible” or doesn’t want to give a lovely pet a second chance in life by making them better The Super Vet goes out of his way and work continually to give family pets and other animals the chance for them to continue their life surrounded with their family who loves them dearly.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

When I watched The Super Vet for the first time I was amazed at what he did for all kind of animals day in and day out. He’s also the reason to why I want to learn animal care, animal welfare and animal management and its people like The Super Vet who opens peoples eyes in to a new would of animal care and vet care.

The Super Vet has done some incredible operations on animals and made things for animals that you, me and other people wouldn’t even think twice about doing and I remember ones someone said to me “Everyone Is On This Earth For A Reson” and its safe to say that we all know The Super Vets reason for being here.

What Questions Would I Ask

  • What made you full in love with animals?
  • What do you love about animals?
  • What do you have planned for Fitzpatrick Referral?
  • You were able to change one thing to help protect animals what would it be and why?


I know my blog posts are normally longer than this but I thought it would be a nice little blog post on why I would love to interviewer The Super Vet also next weekends blog post will be longer than this one.



4 thoughts on “If I Could Interview Anyone It Would Be and Why

    1. I use to attend a animal care and welfare college and it was one of the best animal care and welfare college in the UK. I wanted to become a vet as well but their was something about it that set me off so instead I did animal care, welfare and animal management so hopefully I can do something based around that one day. I bet you’d be great vet

      Jack Deyes

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