Me, Jack Deyes

Over the last few months or so I’ve been thinking about my life and not in a bad way or anything like that I was just thinking of all the things I’ve done over the last few years and how much everything has changed. I didn’t actually release how much stuff in my life had changed until I started to think about it and wow a lot has changed.


Ones I would never go onto a bus no matter what I just wouldn’t get on one unless I was with a family member or a friend who 100% knew what bus went to what stop and so on. Now the reason to why is because I had no clue what bus went wear and I’d be so worried that I’d end up getting lost or something and when bus companies went and changed the bus stops and route numbers it would  make it even more harder. Down to all that I just through right the safest thing is to just never get on a bus because then I’ll never get lost and I’d never get worried but then the day came wear I had to “unfortunately” get a bus to get to my meeting on time. After that one very scary bus trip I then decided to go over to town with one of my friends and this is now me pushing it out their even more because I use to only go to town ones a year and every year I’d go to town it would always be different. After taking that one trip to town and the buses I’m now continually getting buses and heading into town and yes okay I know to some people this may come across as a really silly or a childish thing but everyone is nervous or scared about something.


I’ve always loved animals but my most favourite animal are rabbits and they always have been and the reason to why is because I love how they act, explorer and so on. Most of you will know that I ones had a rabbit called Dominos who I had for years and I adored him and I remember the day he died I said to my mum “I bet he wont be here when I get home from college” and well I wasn’t wrong the day he sadly passed away was the worst day of my life and every day I think of him and every day I re-think about the day he passed away. When he passed I was on the college bus home from Winchester and that was a (29 minutes to 1 hour drive).

When I sadly got the phone call to say that Domains got rushed to the vets I just cried because I knew he wasn’t going to come home and I knew I wasn’t going to be with him and as his owner I felt like I failed my job as an owner because I wasn’t with him. When I got to my stop I just ran off that bus just hoping he was okay and I got home rain to his hunch and found it wall empty and it only had his food bowl, drink bowl and some toys. I then ran up into my room walking back and forth, back and forth and after an hour my mum came up into my room and said “Jack he’s gone” and I was dredging them words and when I got told he was gone I just fell to the fool and my mind was all over the place and I didn’t eat for weeks because of it and people say “you’re get over it” and I haven’t fully gotten over it.


With all that said 3 years later I had another wonderful little rabbit who you all know as well and that is Kiara and I remember when my mum and dad went to and get Kiara they said “Oh Jack we are just going to get the cat” and well me being the animal lover I am I just assumed that what they were going to get but no instead they went over to Pets At Home to go and get Kiara and when she came to her forever home I just fell in love and I absolutely adore Kiara she means so much to me and just like with Dominos I’ll do anything to protect her.


I remember when I started my blog what was back then “” and well 5 years ago I had no clue what I was even doing and yes I had no clue what Twitter or Instagram was so you can most probably guess how lost I felt when I started blogging. When I made my first 5 blog posts I just made about any random thing and well I think it was a little obvious that I was completely lost and well after 2 years later of actually working out what I’m doing and what my blog was going to be about. I then started thinking about Twitter and Instagram and ones again actually work out what they are and how on earth I’d actually use them. Back in September time or near their I believe my plans to change Jack Dyes Lifestyle around finally came true and I was so excited and when pay-day finally arrived I was continually open and closing the banking app on my iPhone XS waiting for my pay-day money to come in. Ones it did come in to my account I got my Kindle and went onto the  WordPress website and made all the changes like my URL what as you know got set to

When I made them changes to my blog I had to keep all my excitement inside because my family were all asleep and yes I was doing all of this at 1am-2am and I’ve never regretted making that decision and I’m so glad I did.