Blogger Interview NO.1 – Kyra

– Kyra

(Please Note: Kyra has given me permission to add her photo and the links to her blog and social media pages also you can find the links to Kyra’s blog and social media at the bottom of this blog post)

Why did you decide to start blogging

“I decided to start blogging because I’d vegan seeing it a lot more and I’ve always loved writing and have a deep interest in makeup so I decided to channel the passion into a blog which I’ve grown to love so much.”

As you’re a new blogger with an amazing blog what things have you noticed about the blogging community

“Thank you! The blogging community is so lovely and they’re all open to making friends which is great! Even the bigger bloggers engage well and treat you equal to them and I’ve noticed there’s so many talented bloggers out there which I’ve found through Twitter.”

What bloggers stand out to you the most

“The bloggers that stand out to me are the ones that occupy the same niche as me so beauty and lifestyle. I do like to explore a little though and I read pretty much anything!”

What are you enjoying about being a blogger

“The things I enjoy most is sharing content I’m proud of and engaging with the community as everyone’s so friendly!”

What other interests do you have

“Bedside blogging, I really like to bake and sing! I love to make cookies and cakes, especially the decorating! As for singing I used to have lessons and on both of my exams, I had a sore throat but still managed to pass, so that was definitely lucky!”

What are your 3 most favourite posts you’ve done on your blog

“My to 3 posts are: how I got a medicine offer with ABB because I want to share with people how I managed to get into medicine despite that I’m not the smartest! I guess it’s to give people hope!

Med School offer at ABB?

I also really like my New Look Spring fashion haul as I loved everything I brought on that haul and it gained quite a bit of engagement.

New Look Spring Fashion Haul

My final favourite is my April favourite theme of all! I loved how all of the spreads were set out and I loved sharing my bullet journal every month so I was so excited to post this one!”

April bullet journal

What platform of social media would you day you’ve used Often

“I definitely use Twitter the most as it’s the first one I came across which seemed useful for blogging but at the minute I’m definitely I’m trying to build up my Pinterest”

Do you have any plans for your blog

“At the minute I’m definitely just having fun with it but I’d like to think that in the future it could bring me a bit of income!”

Do you have any pets

“Yes! I have a black Labrador called Billy who is diabetic and blind, I’ve had him since I was 9 and he’s the cutest dog you’ve ever seen and the most gentle dog you’ll ever meet!”

Would you consider making friends with other bloggers like yourself

“Of course! I’m always open to making new friends! Just send me a message and I’ll strike up conversation!”

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