Blogging, Bloggers, Blog

Blogging, Bloggers, Blog

When it comes to starting a new blog and coming into the world of blogging it can seem like a very big place and sometimes you can feel very lost. When I started blogging 5 years ago I was very lost and had no clue what to do, how to do it or anything and I wasn’t that aware of how many other people did blogging and yes I knew a lot of other people did blogging but not as popular as I thought. Over the last 5 years of me blogging, I have been lucky enough to get to know some lovely bloggers and see how lovely the blogging community really is and I’m so happy that I’m a part of it.

Don’t Feel Like You’re Alone

As I’ve said when it comes to blogging you can sometimes feel like you’re alone but there are so many wonderful bloggers out there that will continually give you their true support. After 4-5 weeks of me blogging, I come across 5 wonderful bloggers.


Maria J 





Your Blog

 The one thing what I love about blogs is how different they all look and to me when you have a blog you should make your blog look the way you want it to look. When you start making your blog don’t copy other bloggers make it look how you want so if you would like to have a pink, red or blue background then go and have a pink, red or blue background no matter what make your blog yours and as long as you’re happy with your blog then that’s all that really matters.


Blog About What You Want 

As most of you know there are so many different topics to pick from like travel, food, fashion, lifestyle and much more so when you pick something to blog about make sure it is something you love and enjoy blogging about and when you make a blog post about what you want and as much photos or text as you like.

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Be Apart Of The Weekly Twitter Chat

I love the weekly Twitter chats they are so fun but the one I love the most is the one that The UK Blog Awards do every “Thursday at 9pm UK time” and it’s called the #BlogHour.

Every week it’s a different topic and I love how other bloggers can join in no matter if they are from the UK or not.

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Your Name & Domain

Now before we get started about your blog “name and domain” this isn’t me telling you what to pick, set it to and so on because at the end of the day it’s your blog so it’s your blog name and your blog’s domain.

When it comes to picking your bogs name and domain it can sometimes be hard to think of one but the advice I give to bloggers is get a notebook or something go in a room like your bedroom and any names you can think of just put it on to the notebook and then the one you love the most go and see if it’s available and if its not then go back to your list and pick another one and so on.

Most bloggers have the name of their blog and domain as their name so if you can’t think of one and all the ones you have looked up have been taken then why not sent your blog as your name.


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I loved making it also a big thank you to

The UK Blogs Award for allowing me to add their logo, site address and social media pages to this blog post.

On the topic of bloggers and The UK Blog awards to all the bloggers who got an award for their hard work that they do on their blog congratulations and you should be so proud of yourself.