Why Do I Class This As My Laptop

As some of you may be able to tell I love Apple well part from their Home Pod but rest of the stuff Apple have made so far I’ve loved. You may also be thinking that this may be a post related to an Apple Mac of some kind, after all, they are laptops and computers.

But before we get started I though I’d add this little bit in to let you all know that jackdeyes.com has been re-new and that I will continuing with blogging in 2020 what I am so excited about.


Unfortunately, its nothing to do with Apple’s laptops or computers, in fact, it’s related to do with the iPad Pro (2017) and yes I know my blog posts are not normally based on technology smart things but I’ve had a few people ask me why did I pick an iPad Pro and so on and well down to that I thought why not just make a blog post based on it so people know why.

(Apple no longer have the iPad Pro (2017) on their site so the link to the iPad Pro (2017) will be on Argos website)

iPad Pro (2017)

Now, of course, some people will say “An iPad cannot replace a laptop” and of course you will get some who say “it can” and well I’ve never had a laptop in my life but in October time I was looking for something that was light, easy to use and well good for blogging and other things. After looking on Google and going to sites like Curry’s & PC World and others. I ended up looking on Apple’s site and at first, I looked at their laptops and well after seeing what some of family and friends though and watching some reviews I decided to check out the iPads and see what they are like. The reviews based on the iPad Pro (2017) wear actually really good so on my birthday when I got paid and had birthday money I went over to Apple.


I went into Apple and asked a member of the Apple team if they still had the iPad Pro in stock and lucky they did when the person came out with the iPad Pro she asked me if I know what the Apple Smart Case is and will after  10-20 minutes of the Apple person telling about the Apple Smart Case I, of course, decided to get that as well

(Apple no longer have the iPad Pro (2017) Smart Case on their site so the link will take you over to the Argos website)


In case anyone is wondering the Apple Smart Case is well a case with a keyboard attached to it and its actually really cool and well I think it is anyway. The Apple Smart Case has 3 little pins that connect to the iPad Pro and unlike other keyboards, you can get for iPads and other tablets with the Apple Smart Case you don’t have to continually charge it up or connect it to Bluetooth what I was so happy about. You just put the 3 little pins up to the side of the iPad and ping its connected.


For me, the iPad Pro beats any laptops because one its got the Apple Smart Case and also because it’s more light than a laptop. The things I’d download onto a laptop I’ve managed to download on to my iPad Pro. I also don’t need to continuously put on charge because the iPad Pro has an amazing battery life and it’s just so easy to use. It’s also great for blogging and when I take a photo on my iPhone XS it will automatically go over to my iPad Pro so there is no need to get any USB and all that it’s just done. Also if anyone calls or texts me it just comes up on the iPad Pro so I have no need to even get my phone unless I’m going out.