A Little Day Out

A few days ago me and mum went out for the day after my 9am meeting. Me and my mum couldn’t have picked a better day to go out because the sun was shining, the sky was blue for once and it felt like summertime again.


Me and mum went to this lovely little town filled with all kind of different little shops we also went into this arts and craft place what was filled with all kind of different amazing things that people have made. Me and mum also guessed how many pebbles wear inside of the jar and if I remember correctly I guessed (570) I believe and now that I think about it I now wish I guessed more and my mum guessed (1,000) or something like that.


Me and mum also went to the beach as well what was lovely and great timing because of the weather as I’ve already mentioned. I don’t know what but there is something about the beach that is so peaceful and relaxing me and mum spent about an hour or so just walking on the beach randomly talking and taking loads of photos.


Me and mum also went to go and get ice cream which was lovely but we also had the company of one very wet dog who decided they would try and nick mine and mums ice cream. I loved it and I can’t wait to go back it was so lovely.

Me and mum also went to Fareham to have a look around and I found this cute little cactus inside a little pot with this little face on it looks so cute and I really wanted it but I couldn’t afford it. img_2013

I also found this little wooden rabbit and as most people know I am obsessed with rabbits so anything that is rabbit related I want it. This little wooden rabbit was so cute and it had a little saying or something on it.