The 4 Places I’d Love To Visit and Why

As you can tell from this blog post it’s based on “The 4 Places I’d Love To Visit and Why” now I’m not saying I’d be able to go and see them all but I really hope that one day I’d be able to go and visit them all.

I will also be adding Jasmin into this blog post and I will leave her blog and social media links at the bottom of this blog post.

United States of America

I’d love to go over and see the United States of America because I love how big and busy it looks and love to see all the different kind of food they that the UK doesn’t have.

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I’d also love to go and see Sydney Opera House because 3 of my friends have all said “Australia is amazing and apparently I’d love it” I also got told that Australia is amazing for Instagram

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I use to have a teacher who’s moved from Australia to the United Kingdom and why I don’t know but she said “Australia is an amazing place but the only problem is the snakes and other horrible animals that sneak in your house” and this would play on my mind but part from that I think Australia is a pretty nice place to go.


Finland is one of the places I’d love to see because of Jasmin and you maybe wondering why and that’s because of Jasmin’s blog post and amazing Instagram photos. Finland looks amazing and I’d love to go there and see the place in real life and not from a photo.

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Lucky enough for people who are living in the United Kingdom France is just across the water “under the bridge” I’d get their is no time but the reason to why I’d love to go and see France is because I’d love to see the full tower and all the other amazing places.

When I’ve looked France up on Google the food they have looked so yummy so I’d love to go and they some of the food.

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