Life Update No.1


I’m currently re-taking my English and Maths so I can do an Apprenticeship based on dog grooming and so far its going well and I really hope I pass them fingers crossed.

Me and mum are doing “Walk For Autism” and so we have raised £44.86 what is just incredible and I cant wait to see what Walk For Autism dose with the money for all kind of different people with autism.

(You would like to support me and my mum for Walk For Autism you can do so by Clicking Hear)

Last month my @jack_deyes Instagram account unfortunately got taken down and at the time I was little upset about it anyone would be but then I thought in a way it’s a good thing because I was planning on re-doing my Instagram just remove the account.

Kiara The Rabbit

As some of you know I have a lovely rabbit called Kiara and she’s still happy and hoping around enjoying the rabbit love.

A few days ago I went to Pets At Home to get Kiara her rabbit food and toys as I do every month but the only thing is down to me going to Pets At Home every months I’m currently running out of toys to get her. She still likes her toys and gets excited when she sees the Pets At Home bag but I’m running out of things to get her so if anyone has a rabbit please let me know what pet shops you get your rabbits toys from.

The Blog

I’m still love blogging and blogging is still a big part of my life and over the last few months I have seen so many fantastic, amazing, wonderful bloggers supporting one another. I know I said this a few weeks ago but at the moment I see a lot and it fan because thats the one big part of blogging no matter what.

I’m also starting a new book for another book review that I will be doing in August 2019 and like the book review I did on Anna Newton (The Anna Edit) new book “An Edited Life” it will have some information about the author and some lovely photos.