Goal Update | 2019

In January I did a blog post called “My Goals and Stuff For 2019” and so far the goals that I set myself are going well and hopefully they will continue to go well.

– Up-Date –

Supporting Other Bloggers

So far this year I have had 4 new bloggers come to me for help and advice on blogging after me talking to them and finding out what they’d like to blog about and what their ideas are I have been giving the help and advice related to the information they have told me and they seem to be enjoying it so far. Like I’ve said before “The reason to why I love supporting new bloggers and bloggers who have been blogging for a while is because I love how we can all come together and help one another also I don’t just see blogging as you having a blog and all the rest of it I also see blogging as helping and supporting one another. I know last year I said this but like 2018 I can see 2019 being another great year for blogging all over the blogging community and at the end of the day we are bloggers no matter what subject our blogs are based on or what part of the world we are from at the end of we are still bloggers so we should continue to support one another no matter what.


Putting Even More Work Into My Blog

Like many things, my blog means everything to me and this year I set my self a goal to put even more work into my blog and so far I’ve done pretty well with that. Some of the things I have done to my blog are little things and some things are what I’ve done in the background of the blog so you won’t even notice it. I also did my first book review of 2019 and the book was about Anna Newton’s (Also known as “The Anna Edit”) new book “An Edited Life”. I contacted Anna’s PR team of the book because I wanted this book review to be something to remember and when I put the blog post you all loved it what made me so happy so thank you for all the love and support you all put towards that blog post. I even sent Anna and her PR team a link to the book review and they both seemed to love it and to know that Anna has seen the review made me even happier. You did get Anna’s new book An Edited Life then please let me know what you think about the book I’d love to know.


Make My Room What I Want It To Be

At the moment, this hasn’t happened yet as such and what I mean by that is I don’t currently have to money to change my room around 100% and to how I’d like it. I have got a new smart assistant and it is the Echo Dot (3rd Generation)  and I love it also it’s way better than the Google Home Mini. I am yet to get the Amazon Fire TV stick after getting rid of my Google ChromCast. I still have a few things to add and do like I’ve mentioned and it’s a slow working progress but it will all pay off in the end.


Keep My Planner Up To Date

This is working “at the moment” what I am very surprised about because I thought this was only going to work for a few weeks. At the moment all the dates that I am busy doing things are already in my planner and on the calendar that’s on my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and computer. Hopefully, it will continue to be like that for the rest of 2019 but hey wish me luck.

macbook air beside notebook and camera
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Be More Active And Post More On Instagram

I love Instagram like most blogger but in 2018 I kinda stayed off Instagram and wasn’t on it as much but so far I’m doing pretty well and you all seem to be loving my very random Instagram story. I am also trying to change the way I am on Instagram but not comply but just with posting photos and so.


Meet Up With More Friends

Unfortunately, down to me being busy and my friends being busy we haven’t been able to set a date for us to meet up but hopefully after a few weeks or so me and my friend’s can work out a date to meet up but hey who knows?

people gathered inside house sitting on sofa
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Read More Book

The only book I have read at the moment is Anna’s book An Edited Life as I mentioned but apart from that I haven’t read any other but I’m hoping to soon


That’s the update on my goals for 2019 and if you have set yourself any goals I hope you’re doing well and doing way better then me.