The Best Birthday Gift | AD


When it comes to getting that birthday gift you can some times spend hours looking in shops and online just looking for that perfect gift for that special someone.

With birthdays you most probably end up getting a £10 or £20 gift card because you have no clue what to get and you end up running out of time. Some people will use the gift card but we all have those family members or friends who we know will probably never use, forget about or lose the gift card or something like that but have you ever thought about getting your husband, boyfriend or friend a men’s trimmers from Panasoni to me it’s one of the gifts you know they will love and continue to use and look after. Gifts like this are most probably the best gifts yet because not only are you getting them something from Panasonic trimmers and you know it will be the best one yet. You know with Panasonic you’d made a fantastic gift also I have a family member that has a Panasonic and they love it and they’re always recommending them to their friends and other members of my family.

ER – SB40 – K811 | Beard Trimmer £149.99
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide tip blades
  • 20 length options
  • 60 Minute use
  • Washable
ER – GB 52 | Beard and Body Trimmer £49.99
  • Wet and dry shaving
  • Acute 45 blad edge
  • 20 cutting lengths
  • Body attachment
ER – GB 86 | Wet and Dry Trimmer With Powerful Cutting System £79.99
  • 58 cutting lengths from (0.5 mm to 30mm)
  • 3 attachments for easy length settings
  • Power motor and wider tip blades
  •  1HR full charge

ER – GS60 | Smooth and Clean Self – Hair Cut for Very Short Hair £39.99
  • Acute 45 blades for smooth cutting 
  • Easy grip ergonomic design
  • Convenient charging stand exclusive AC adapter 
  • Cut while shampooing with wet and dry (2 – way styling)
(This is an #AD and Sposerded blog post with Panasonic)